Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who will be the next CE Board Topnotcher?

On November 22-23, 2008, the Civil Engineering Licensure Examination will be held. Who will be the next Lasallian board exam topnotcher? Will DLSU obtain a 100% passing?

In the last May 2008 examination, Carlos Fabie placed number 10. The May 2008 successful examinees were 1.) Engr. Carlos Fabie - 10th placer, 2.) Engr. Adrian Joseph Alcancia, 3.) Engr. John Aguas, 4.) Engr. Cathy Alimon, 5.) Engr. Joseph Ang, 6.) Engr. Christopher Camina, 7.) Engr. Katherine Campecino, 8.) Engr. Angelica Chan, 9.) Engr. Chaleyreene Chua, 10.) Engr. Ma. Cassandra Codilla, 11.) Engr. Collen Cordial, 12.) Engr. Ric Johanson Cruz, 13.) Engr. Allan Paul De Castro, 14.) Engr. Francelle Delos Reyes, 15.) Engr. Glenn Anthony Galvez, 16.) Engr. Pirre Angeli Lastimoso, 17.) Engr. Miguel Maayo III, 18.) Engr. Jommel Macabagdal, 19.) Engr. Richard Anthony Masa, 20.) Engr. Rommel Palanca, 21.) Engr. Reiner Niccson Pilares, 22.) Engr. James Qua Jr., 23.) Engr. Ruby Rayos, 24.) Engr. Jayvee Sta. Maria, 25.) Engr. Jesulito Paulo Sy, 26.) Engr. Ricardo Vicencio III and 27.) Engr. Masada Andrew Villa. Congratulations!

The DLSU CE Department faculty members, students and alumni are praying for an outstanding performance of the Lasallian November board examinees. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

My heart longs for a topnotcher. I work in another school but I would love to see a lasallian topnotcher.

Dr. Emby Binoe said...

Sir Hadji! Agree ako dyan! kelan kaya itatayo ng isang Lasalyanong tapos ng CE sa pambansang board exam??? ngayong may isang summa cum laude na ang tribu natin eh...malaki ang pressure sa kanya...so far si Engr. Efren Allan Yango yung kilala ko na highest eh, 2nd placer sa May 1998 CE Board...TEN YEARS AGO PA YUN! GOSH!

Anonymous said...

natupad na!

Anonymous said...