Saturday, May 22, 2010

DLSU Program on Concrete Engg presented at ASEP Conference

Dr. Bernardo Lejano presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Andres Oreta and Dr. Jonathan Dungca (CE faculty members under the Structural Engineering Division) on "Teaching and Research on Concrete in the Undergraduate Program" at a plenary session of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) Convention on Concrete Engineering Practice and Technology 2010 (A.CONCEPT'10) held at the Manila Pavilion on May 20-21, 2010.

The paper presented the courses dealing with concrete that are incorporated in DLSU Civil Engineering curriculum. These courses were then compared with those offered at other top universities such as the University of California (Berkeley). Lejano observed that the DLSU curriculum has more units offered than the UC Berkleey.

Undergraduate thesis related to concrete were also featured to illustrate that the students have developed an interest on problems related to concrete.

The strategies (lectures, experiments, projects) and experiences of the faculty and students in the concrete courses such as Reinforced Concrete Design and Concrete Laboratory were also discussed to show the effectiveness and weaknesses of the present program.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New Lasallian Civil Engineers (May 2010)

Congratulations to our civil engineering graduates who passed the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam (May 2010). May you be become Lasallian Civil Engineers for God and Country.

DLSU-Manila passing rate: 88%
NATIONAL passing rate: 36%

DLSU- Manila ranked 1st in the top performing schools with 20 and above examinees

The New Lasallian Civil Engineers are:
1. Amata, Marco Paolo Guadalupe
2. Aquino, Dan Emmanuel Abrencillo
3. Codilla, Ma Caroline Trangia
4. Cokee, Richard Raymond Ang
5. Credo, Pedro Christopher Banua
6. De Guzman, Andro Paul Tansengco
7. De Guzman, Louie Caliboso
8. Delgado, Mark Andrew Libo-On
9. Galupino, Joenel Gales
10. Gatbonton, Aaron Paul Gorospe
11. Hong, Charles Casing
12. Jao, Julie Ann Lim
13. Lee, Carbert Ralston Miran
14. Lim, Edrick Dan Po
15. Manalo, Federico Marco Comia
16. Medel, Julian Antonio Gregorio
17. Pascual, Shurwin Kim Mariano
18. Policarpio, Nicole Yalung
19. Pulhin, Arnold Arcilla
20. Puente, Fernando Martin Rodriguez
21.Que, Phoebee BoaqueƱa
22. Sto Domingo, Mel Clarisse Enriquez
23. Tan, Ralph Jefferson Biteranta
24 Torres, Mark Wilson Manzano
25. Uy, Erwin King
26. Yang, Philip Joseph Uy
27 Yap, Ma Ronna Lambino
28. Yu, John David Tung
29. Zapata, Liano Jerico Dizon

Note: If your name was not included in the list, please inform us.