Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DLSU Institutional Service Awards 2014: Gallardo & Terante @ 30

The SERVICE Awardees from the CE Department - August 1, 2014

Faculty members and staff of the Department of Civil Engineering  were honored  by De La Salle University, Manila during the 3rd DLSU Annual Institutional SERVICE Awards on August 1, 2014 (1:00 - 4:00 PM) at the Tersa G. Yuchengco Auditorium.

The service awardees from the CE Department are:

 30 Years Service Awardee: Dr. Danilo C. Terante - Associate Professor - Hydraulics and Water Resources Division

  • 30 Years Service Awardee: Eng. Ronaldo S. Gallardo - Asst. Professor - Construction Technology and Management Division, Former Department Chair

  • 20 Years Service Awardee: Dr. Renan Ma. T. Tanhueco, Associate Professor - Hydraulics And Water Resources Division

  •  20 Years Service Awardee: Dr. Andres Winston C. Oreta, Professor - Structural Engineering Division, Former Department Chair (1994-1996)
  •  15 Years Service Awardee: Ms. Jocelyn Q. Vidad, CE Department Secretary 

Note: Photos from DLSU Administration Facebook

Saturday, July 26, 2014

CES Specialization Talks 2014

Junior Students attend the CES Spec-Talks - 11 July 2014
The annual Civil Engineering Specialization Talks (SPEC-TALKS) is now being organized by the CE student organization,  Civil Engineering Society (CES). The SPEC-TALKS was held last July 11, 2014 at the Andres Gonzales Hall. During the SPEC-TALKS, the junior students are introduced to the four specialization divisions of the DLSU BSCE program. Professors from the four specialization areas - Dr. Danilo Terante of Hydraulics and Water Resources (HWR), Dr, Alexis Fillone of Transportation Engineering (TRE), Dr. Lessandro Garciano of Structural Engineering (STE) and Ms. Cheryl Capiz-Roxas of Construction Technology and Management (CTM) - present the specialization courses, various tasks of the specialists and the career and job opportunities. This event aims to guide the students in choosing their specialization which they will pursue starting the third term of their third year.
Dr. Danilo Terante (HWR) challenges students to solve flooding in Metro Manila due to climate change
Dr. Alexis Fillone (TRE) highlights the traffic problem and how TRE professionals can help solve the problem
Dr. Lessandro Garciano (STE) receives a certificate of appreciation for his talk on structural engineering
Engr. Cheryl Capiz-Roxas (CTM) receives a certificate of appreciation for her talk on challenges in the construction industry

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CES holds a forum on CE Board Exams

In support of  the goal of the DLSU Civil Engineering community to achieve a 100% passing rate and the no. 1 performing school tag in the CE Board, the Civil Engineering Society is hosting a forum, "Acing Examinations" on July 26, 2014 (Saturday), from 8:30am-11:30am at A703, Br. Andrew Gonzales Building, DLSU, Manila.  CES invites senior students and the alumni to a forum about the board exam for civil engineering graduates in order to provide them sufficient knowledge in their upcoming licensure examination.

What's the best way to study for the BOARD EXAM? Know some effective techniques and tips on exam preparation.
The invited speakers are:
  • Engr. Rodolfo Mendoza Jr. - top 2 with 98.95% November 2008, DLSU Part-time faculty
  • Engr. Wilfredo Andales - top 8 Nov. 1978, one of the founders of Review Innovations, Inc.
  • Engr. Jon Arnel Telan - top 6 with 93.8% May 2014
  • Engr.Arjan David Alquinto - 88.1% May 2014
All future takers are highly encouraged!
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The CE Department also reminds the DLSU future examinees to attend the "CE Board Diagnostics 101," a series of diagnostic exams given by the department on the topics given in the CE Licensure Exam. Based on the results of the diagnostic exams, you can assess your weak spots and you can properly prepare for the board exam.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Special Awards given to BSMS 2014 grads

Four of the BSMS graduates - Bidol, Abranilla, Abad and Brizuella with Engr. Ongpeng and Dr. Fillone
Special CE Awards were given to the first batch of  BSMS graduates last July 11, 2014. Paul Bidol was recognized as the "Outstanding BSMS CE student" for his high academic performance (graduating magna cum laude) and for being selected as the best paper presentor at CSEB 2014 (Malaysia). Maria Katrina Ganzon was given the award for "Best Contribution to the CE Department" for being best presentor in two conferences in transportation engineering and having a paper accepted in an international journal. The rest of the BSMS graduates that include Dane Abranilla, Kenneth Brizuela, Raymund Abad, Arvin Yu and Kristen Roquel were given certificates for their outstanding academic performance and research outputs.
With the CE Dept Faculty and Staff