Monday, November 17, 2008

ALUMNEWS: DLSU CIV alumnus is TokyoTech International Students’ Leader

George William Hong, DLSU-Manila CIV-CTM (ID 101) alumnus 2005 serves as the coordinator for the Tokyo Tech International Students Association, (TISA). He coordinates the main activities of TISA with the administration and initiates new activities to enhance students involvement and internationalization of TokyoTech. He is also one of the leaders of the TokyoTech Filipino Students. Among the activities organized by TISA are the welcome parties for foreign students and sports festivals. His experience during the undergraduate years at DLSU where he was the president of the Civil Engineering Society (CES) has develop his leadership qualities. William is a Japanese Government scholar presently pursuing his Master of Engineering course at the International Development Engineering Department - Prof. Otsuki Laboratory.


Anonymous said...

thats my brother!!! and proud!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Very nice, man!