Thursday, November 20, 2008

ALUMNEWS: Share your story

Dear DLSU-Manila CIV alumni:

The news below about TokyoTech International Student leader, George William Hong, ID 101 CIV student will surely inspire the undergraduate CIV students to work hard in their academics and to be active in extracurricular activites through the CES. I wrote this news after several chats with William via Yahoo Messenger. The CE Department is proud of his performance as a student and as a leader at TokyoTech.
To know more inspiring and extraordinary stories from the alumni, the ALUMNEWS section is created. AnimoCIVnews:Online invites you to share your story in the ALUMNEWS section. What have you been doing after your graduation? Have you been promoted recently? Did you receive an outstanding award in your work? Have you been traveling the world as part of your job? Are you involved in politics, business, teaching or community outreach programs. Do you have a funny incident to share? AnimoCIVnews: Online wants to know. Send your story as word document with photo to
Animo Lasalle!


Anonymous said...

Why not give a prize to the best ALUMNEWS story?

AWCO said...

That's a godd idea....