Sunday, November 9, 2008

ASEP Struct-Whiz Winner & A.CONCEPT Papers

Winston G. Chua won first place in the 2nd STRUCT-WHIZ Challenge sponsored by the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) held at the University of Makati last May 22-23, 2008 during the ASEP Convention on Concrete Engineering Practice and Technology (A.CONCEPT). The STRUCT-WHIZ Challenge is the specialized Civil Engineering Quiz Competition in Structural Engineering. The topics of the quiz includes Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Structural Design (RC, Steel, Timber), Design Codes and Foundation Design. ASEP is holding the 3rd STRUCT-WHIZ Challenge on December 12, 2008. The photo shows Winston Chua 4th from left with the DLSU CE Faculty - Dr. Lejano, Dr. Oreta, Dr. Estanero and Ms. Adajar.

Faculty members, alumni and students presented papers in the parallel sessions of the A.CONCEPT. The papers presented were:

  • Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano, Paolo O. De Peralta, Glenn Anthony B. Galvez and Gerard Patrick J. Mayo - Constitutive Model of High Strength Concrete Made of Local Materials
  • Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano - Evaluation Of Seismic Forces Of Multi-Storey Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using The Response Spectrum Method
  • Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano, Jeffrey C. Manuel, Paolo S. Bellosillo - Proposed Alternative Design for Reinforced Concrete Culvert using Nylon Fiber Reinforcement".
  • Dr. Andres W.C. Oreta - AIJ Level-1 Seismic Screening Of Rc Buildings Damaged By The 1990 Luzon Earthquake
  • Jason M.C. Ongpeng -Simplified Predictive ANN Model for Ultimate Compressive Strength of Circular RC Columns Using CFRP Confinement
  • Alden Balili - Application of Genetic Algorithms in the Optimization of Concrete Structures
  • Joseph R.I. Manalo - Evaluation of the Potential Seismic Hazard of a Five-Storey RC Building Using RVS and AIJ Level 1 Screening Procedure (A Case Study)

Photo: Paolo Bellosillo presents his research on RC Culverts.

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