Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hydraulics Laboratory Exhibits - Developing Research, Model Making and Presentation Skills

T-shirt design to promote awareness on flooding

The Bulacan Flooding Exhibit

A student exhibit is an end-of-the-term project in the Hydraulics Laboratory when it was a two unit laboraotry course. These projects develop life-long learning and communication skills. Students do library, internet and field research, design their presentations and projects - posters and/or models and present orally their projects in front of a panel of judges.

In 2009, HYDRALA students, presented their projects related to the Typhoon Ondoy. Each group was assigned a  location in Metro Manila and vicinity for them to do research on the flood hazard, causes of flooding, extent of damage and recommended solutions to mitigate the flood risk. The group of Katrina Tengki and Earl De Guzman on flooding in Bulacan won the best project.

In 2008, undergraduate students enrolled in the Hydraulics Laboratory created both working and non-working models related to Hydraulics and Water Resources (HWR) Engineering. The DLSU Civil Engineering Society (CES) sponsored a competion for the HWR models. The models were judged by the HWR professors – Dr. Danilo Terante and Dr. Renan Tanhueco and other CE Faculty Members. The 1st place winners in the competition were:
Non-Working Model: Hydro-Electric Power Plant by A. Viernes, D.J. Vidad, J. Feraer, K. Llamada, D. Llanes and E. Cheng.
Working Model: Pipe Network in a Subdivision by M. Gawaran, H. de Guia, M. Arigo and P. Adiaz.

The other working models which won 2nd and 3rd were the models on Flood Control (Flood Gates) and Overflow Spillway with Vertical Gate.


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