Saturday, February 25, 2017

CE Faculty traces the KKK at Pinaglabanan, San Juan

A KKK skull welcomes the guest to the Museo ng Katipunan :-)
The CE Faculty, during their site visit at Pinaglabanan, San Juan last Feb. 24, 2017 visited the Museo ng Katipunan and was given a tour of the museum on the life and struggles of the Katipunan led by the supremo, Andres Bonifacio.

"The Museo ng Katipunan provides an educational approach to understand the Katipunan, its primary movers, and their actions.  Lined with innovative and conventional exhibits, the Museo ng Katipunan tells the story of the clandestine organization of the Filipino revolutionaries. Apart from Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto, and other renowned revolutionaries, the Museum honors the valiant efforts of the Katipuneros who fought for the independence of the Philippines through a Memorial Wall." -
Reproduced documents of the KKK
Symbols during the revolution

Diorama of a KKK ceremony

A KKK history lecture

Andres is anywhere!

Andres and Andres :-)

El Deposito Site Visit

Marker installed by the NHCP in  recognition of the old reservoir as a cultural property
 CE faculty members led by the department chair, Dr. Lessandro Garciano visited Pinaglaban, San Juan on Feb. 24, 2017 to meet the NHCP OIC and DLSU History Professor, Dr. Rene Escalante and his team and discuss the project on El Deposito, a 19th century waterworks system in Manila. The DLSU CE team includes Dr. Bernardo Lejano, Dr. Andres Oreta, Dr. Mario De Leon, Dr. Maricel Paringit and Dr. Manolo Alfaro, visiting professor from U. Manitoba, Canada.
The EL Deposito survey report of the UP Geology Team

Under this Pinaglabanan park is El Deposito, an undergraound 19th century reservoir and waterworks system

This is what how El Deposito may look like underground as illustrated by the NHCP

The only entrance to El Deposito
Part of the waterway of El Deposito
"The El Deposito was an old underground water reservoir in San Juan del Monte, now the city of San Juan in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was built by the Spanish authorities in 1880 with a capacity of 15 million gallons to provide the residents of Manila and its surrounding areas with an adequate water supply. The reservoir was historically known as the site where the onset of the Philippine Revolution through the Battle of San Juan del Monte took place in 1896.

On August 30, 1972, a marker was installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in recognition of the old reservoir as a cultural property.  In commemoration of the first battle of the Philippine Revolution, the land along El Deposito was converted into a recreational park named the Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine and Park." -

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CE Faculty promotes Safer Schools through SCOSSO

Participants, Speakers and Organizers of  the SCOSSO Workshop at DLSU

On 16th February 2017, the Department of Civil Engineering, De La Salle Manila organized the seminar/workshop of SCOSSO (­Safer COmmunities through Safer SchOols) workshop at DLSU Henry Sy Sr. Hall Roofdeck. It was attended by various representatives from different public (DPWH, DepEd, Philvolcs) and private sector (Professional Organizations, Engineering Consultancy firms), including local government and NGOs. Around 40 participants graced the event.

SCOSSO is a collaborative project among researchers and faculty members from University College London (UCL), Xavier University Engineering Resource Center (CDO) and the Department of Civil Engineering, De La Salle University (Manila) led by Dr. Leassandro Garciano and Dr. Andres Winston Oreta. SCOSSO started in September 2016 and its  main aim is to develop an innovative, advanced, multi-hazard risk assessment framework for school infrastructure in the Philippines. The SCOSSO workshop was aimed to report what the project has accomplished specifically the application of the assessment tools in schools at Cagayan de Oro. It also aimed to conduct public consultations from various sectors with concern about risk assessment and reduction, and safe infrastructure, particularly public schools.

Dr. Oreta talks about the hazard profile of the Philippines and impact of disasters to schools

Dr. Garciano presents wind and flood hazard assessment in the Philippines
Resource speakers for the said event were Prof. Dina D’Ayala, Mr. Arash Nassirpour, Mr. Nicola Branchini, and Ms. Rebecca Yore, from UCL, Engr. Dexter Lo from XU ERC, and Dr. L. Garciano and Prof. A. W. Oreta from DLSU. During the morning session, Dr. Oreta, and Dr. Garciano opened by giving talk about seismic, wind, and flood hazard assessment for the Philippines. Engr. Dexter Lo, then talked about floods and hazards in Cagayan De Oro. Prof. Dina D’Ayala followed by introducing the quantitative risk assessment for multiple hazards and then talked about global framework for safer schools.

Prof. Dina D'Ayala of University College London
In the afternoon, Mr. Arash Nassirpour gave an overview of SCOSSO project and its initial outcomes. Mr. Nicola Branchini talked about non-structural vulnerability and methodology for casualty estimation. The last SCOSSO talk about community disaster risk reduction and readiness was presented by Ms. Rebecca Yore. Before the session ends, Dr. Garciano and Prof D’Ayala provided an overview of the next collaborative research project – PRISMH (Philippines Resilience of School Infrastructure to Multi-Hazard). This project will also be undertaken by UCL, XU, and DLSU and will start this April 2017.

The SCOSSO and PRISMH Team from UCL, DLSU and XU

The DLSU SCOSSO Organizing Committee
- Reported by Richard De Jesus 
- Photos from Salvador Olaivar (FB)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

De La Salle University at Don Bosco Calauan: Magkatuwang sa Pagpaunland sa Kabuhayan sa Southville 7

As part of the DLSU Civil Engineering Department sustainable community engagement, the activity entitled: “DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY AT DON BOSCO CALAUAN: MAGKATUWANG SA PAGPAUNLAND SA KABUHAYAN SA SOUTHVILLE 7” was held last January 28, 2017. The main objective of Community Outreach 2017 is to expand the network of support to address the problems of lack of livelihood and income of the community.

The Community Outreach 2017 is composed of two major activities:       

Activity 1: Three Civil Engineering Research-Based Initiatives & Services (CERBIS) researches were presented for possible adoption of the community, namely:
1) Effects of Fire on the Compressive Strength of Concrete Hollow Blocks mixed with Plastic Waste Aggregates
2) Investigation of Strength and Durability of Paving Blocks made of Non-Biodegradable Household Waste as Partial Substitute for Fine Aggregates

3) Effects of Plastic Wastes as Partial Aggregate Substitute to Concrete Hollow Blocks

Presented by: Nikko Villanueva and Maejann Cuartero

Presented by: Engr. Richard De Jesus

Presented by: Dr. Bernardo Lejano

The results of the three researches may help improve the quality of Concrete Hollow Blocks production and its technology being implemented in Don Bosco-Calauan. 

Activity 2: A roundtable discussion among locals and faculty members of DLSU GCOE and COSCA occurred to address concerns of livelihood and product marketing.

The leaders of five livelihood projects in Don Bosco Calauan, namely: Rholly Aňonuevo of Zefferin Shoes, Angie Arceňo of Agos ng Pag-asa, Gil Subarufen of Agua Viviňa Alkaline Water Refilling Station, Salatiel Baculad of Rinaldi Builders and Bino Iraola of Margaret Café, shared their idea of solutions in uplifting the current status of their projects. 

Together with Father Salvador Pablo, Bro Edward Villordon, and Ms. Susan Pullarca of Don Bosco, exchanges of ideas on how to market products, package and create branding had transpired among locals and the delegates from DLSU. Also there is a need to support the People’s Academy, where volunteers may train locals with livelihood-related skills.

The following were the outreach participants from DLSU:

  • ·    Lessandro Garciano, Andy Oreta, Maria Cecilia Paringit, Richard De Jesus, Bernando Lejano, Lyn Vidad, Jonathan Uy, Angelo Custodio Nikko Villanueva, Maejann Cuartero of the Civil Engineeing Dept
  •  ·         Jeremias Gonzaga of Mechanical Engineering Dept.
  • ·         Ann Dulay of Electronic and Communication Engineering Dept.
  • ·         Ramon Christian Eusebio of VCRI/ Chemical Engg. Dept.
  • ·         Norby Salonga of COSCA
  • ·         Maria Natalia Dimaano (guest) Division #7 NRCP and UST: 

DLSU Civil Engg. Dept. Community Outreach in Don Bosco, Calauan, Laguna on January 28, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

International kick-off meeting of the e-Asia Joint Research Program

The international kick-off meeting of e-Asia Joint Research Program “Intelligent Integrated Transport for a Smart Life” at De La Salle University, Manila was successfully held last February 1-2, 2017. The venue was at the Conference Room, 7th Floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall. In the meeting, the three-year research plan among the three countries involved (Japan, Philippines and Thailand) as well as the direction of research was discussed.

On February 1, the group did a tour of Metro Manila by riding the LRT1, LRT2, and MRT3. The group made observations of the connections between these mass transit systems as well as the activities surrounding the stations.  While in the afternoon of February 2, right after the workshop, the group met Secretary de la Pena (DOST) and Usec. Guevara (DOST) to discuss about the eAsia project.

In attendance during the meeting are Prof. Kenji DOI (Osaka University), Prof. Ikuo SUGIYAMA (Kobe Institute of Computing), Dr. Haruo TAKEDA (Hitachi, Japan), Prof. Hiroto INOI (Osaka University), Dr. Monsak SOCHAROENTUM (NECTEC-ITS, Thailand), Prof. Elmer DADIOS (ECE Dept.), Prof. Alexis FILLONE (CE Dept), Dr. Nicanor ROXAS Jr. (MEM Dept.), Engr. Edwin SYBINGCO (ECE Dept.), as well as the staff and graduate students of Gokongwei College of Engneering. Observers from Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) of the Dept. of Science and Technology - Mr. Nonilo A. PENA and Miss Rachel R. HABANA also came. 

EAsia International Kick-off Meeting with the Japanese and Thai Delegations

EAsia Research group visit Secretary Fortunato de la Pena and Usec. Amelia Guevara at the DOST-PHILVOCS office to discuss about the research