Monday, August 24, 2015

Dr. Fillone: Thoughts on the MIT Short Course

At Massachusets Institute of Technology
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Short Course Program last July 27-31, 2015 on Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks under Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva was indeed a very intellectually satisfying experience as it provided me with theoretical and practical know how that can be used in our current transport research.
With Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva
 Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva is a well-known researcher and book author in discrete choice modelling, especially in transportation analysis and planning applications. Equally capable guest lecturers were Prof. Ennio Cascetta (University of Naples, Italy), Prof. Haris Koutsopoulos (Northeastern University, Boston), Prof. Hani Mahmassani (Northwestern University, Chicago) and Assoc. Prof. Pierluigi Coppola (University of Rome, Italy).
The topics included (a) modeling and simulation approaches in transportation, (b) macroscopic, mesoscopic, and microscopic traffic simulation, (c) static and dynamic network supply models, (d) discrete choice analysis, (e) activity based models, (f) integrated land use and transportation models, (g) pricing and travel time reliability, (h) public transportation, (i) economic activity models, (j) logistics choices, and (k) calibration and validation.

I intend to share the valuable learnings I gained from this short course program with my students, both in the ungraduated and graduate levels, and also provide further theoretical support to our ongoing research in transportation here at DLSU. 

Giving of Certificate of Completion with Profs. Cascetta and Ben-Akiva

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CERBIS at Don Bosco Calauan

The DLSU CERBIS Tean with Fr. Ed, SDB (leftmost)
 As part of the Civil Engineering Research-Based Initiatives & Services (CERBIS), a team of four faculty and eight undergraduate students visited Don Bosco Calauan located at NHA- Southville 7 Site 2, Habitat for Humanity, Brgy. Dayap, Calauan, Laguna on August 14, 2015. This site is a resettlement site of more than 60,000 people displaced by Typhoon Ondoy. The site is managed by the Salesians of Don Bosco with Fr. Salvador Pablo, SDB as the head. The major problem in the site is how to provide jobs and livelihood.

The team is composed of CE faculty members – Dr. Andres Oreta, Dr. Bernardo Lejano, Engr. Richard De Jesus (CE Thesis Coordinator) and Dr. Maricel Paringit (CE Community Service Coordinator). The undergraduate students are Nikko Villanueva, Maejann Cuartero, Patrisha Ayala, Jason Alcantara, Eunice Yao, Veya Santos, Masu Eusebio and Martin Benedicto.

The main purpose of the site visit is to explore research topics o related to the improvement of the concrete hollow blocks (CHB) production using waste materials at the site to provide jobs and livelihood to the people. The specific objectives of the site visit were:
1.     To meet the person-in-charge of the CHB production and discuss the problems related to CHB production. The main coordinator will be Say Cambosa, asst. of  Fr. Pablo.
2.     To identify possible research topics to improve the use of waste materials for production of concrete products
3.     To discuss coordination of activities and contacts if the researches will be pursued

At the moment, the site has the equipment but they do not have the knowledge and testing machines on how to produce the best design of CHB with waste materials satisfying strength requirements. They used trial and error procedure. Presently they were able to produce quality CHB with mix proportion – one cement bag, two bags of waste (plastic and styro) and 10 bags of sand). . Possible improvements to the CHB design include sorting of waste materials to better monitor the effect of the different types of waste on strength and durability of CHB. These CHB will be compared to the CHB that will be proposed by the DLSU research group. Cost analysis and marketing strategies will also be considered in the study. Problems related to CHB production such as fire resistance, water absorption, durability and other possible concrete products using waste materials will be also explored by the research group.

With Fr. Salvador Pablo, SDB

A view of Calauan

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Testimonials for Dr. Danny Terante

Dr. Alvin Culaba: “So sad. Let us all pray for his eternal repose and for the bereaved family.”

Dr. Anthony Chiu: “Dr. Terante was a great mentor.  He taught me in 1983 Strength of Materials.”

Dr. Elmer Dadios: “It is so sad. We will miss you Dani. The memories that you had with us will keep always in our heart. We will never forget you.”

Jenny Guttierez: “Condolence to Dr. Terante and family. He was my teacher in Mechanics.”

Rumel Atienza:  “One of my most memorable experiences in DLSU was when Dani, Alvin C, Ron G, and I joined a sack race during one COE faculty vs students field games. Being the presumed faster runners,  I was at the last to run and Alvin was first. We did not know that the first in the team would be running every lap until the 4th. And the last, only once. At the end of race,  all three of them were so exhausted whereas I was, by luck, still looking fresh. But we were all very happy. I guess life is a big sack race. You meet people that make life happy and memorable. For me Dani is one of them.”

Dr. Beng Manalang: “It was in 2011 when Dani asked me to speak and facilitate a Strategic Planning session for the board members of his organization, the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP). It was there where I met the biggie wiggies and expert structural engineers in the Philippines!  It was a most enjoyable experience for us and from then on,  he always would ask me to do this with him for other organizations.  Lately I noticed he has been losing weight.  And I would ask his secret. He would just coyly say ‘he has intentionally worked at losing weight.’ Dani was a nationbuilder.  He invested in his students’ lives and worked at contributing to making things better in the community. His interest in water researches propelled him to mentor many others, being one of the few water experts in the country. I will miss our fun workshops, Dani! And your hearty laugh!  And your ever knowing genial smile, even from a distance! Rest in peace , Dani!  Your life, though short, was complete, well lived, filled with achievements, surrounded by family, friends and people who became better because of your presence in their lives.  Salamat, Dani!”

Dr. Eppie Clark : "The one thing that I know about Dani is his deep care for his family. I was there when he was so concerned about the health of his brother. I feel that he has extended this care to his GCOE family. Thanks Dani."

Dr. Lawrence Belo: "It was always fun having Dr. Terante around especially during the Green idol days. He always gives his heart out whenever he performs and he was always a crowd favourite. We will miss ypu Sir Dani.

Dr. Nilo Bugtai: "Dani is a good friend... he died just too soon and young. My condolences and prayers to the whole family and loved ones, May eternal light shine upon him and he may rest in peace!"

Dr. Yolanda Brondial: "Words are not enough to express my sadness over the early demise of  a very dear friend and colleague Dani Terante. Our friendship started when Engineering Science Dept. still existed. Art Gagelonia, Dani and I taught Mechanics ( Statics and Dynamics) and Strength of Materials almost every semester/term until we were absorbed by the Ch.E. Dept. Our fun, laughter, jokes almost always filled the faculty room and Dani was adopted by the Ch. E. Faculty .

Lord, we humbly commend to you Dani Terante, whom you loved so much with great love. Now that you have freed him from all the evils of this earth, bring him into your paradise where there is no more grief or mourning or sadness but peace and joy with Jesus , your Son and the Holy Spirit forever."
Dr. Raymond Tan: "Condolence to the family."