Monday, September 29, 2014

CE Faculty recognized in the Pillar of Lasallian Excellence Awards 2014

The Pillar of Lasallian Excellence Awardees of the CE Department

Dr. Andres Winston Oreta, Dr. Mary Ann Adajar and Engr. Cheryl Lyne Roxas were recognized in the 2nd Annual Pillar of Lasallian Excellence Awards 2014 ceremonies held on Sept 29, 2014 at the Theresa Yuchengco Auditorium, DLSU, Manila. The awards coincides with the celebration of Teachers Day at DLSU.

DLSU VCA Dr. Myrna Austria presents the trophy to Dr. Oreta

St. Benilde Romancon Pillar of Lasallian Excellence Awardee in Teaching

Dr. Oreta received the "St. Benilde Romancon Pillar of Lasallian Excellence Award in Teaching." The St. Benilde Romancon Pillar of Lasallian Excellence Award Excellence in Teaching is based on evidenced by any or all of the following: ITEO/peer/chair evaluation, comments and feedback from students, colleagues and alumni, support of student-sponsored activities, effective mentoring, new programs or modules developed, teaching innovations including use of technology in the classroom. Dr. Oreta teaches courses in engineering mechanics, structural design and analysis, earthquake engineering and disaster risk reduction in the undergraduate and graduate levels. He is the department coordinator in the implementation of outcomes-based education in the CE program of DLSU and presently designs the quality assurance plan of the CE Program for ABET accreditation. He was also instrumental in the AUN-QA program assessment of the CE Program being the writer of the self-assessment report. He has mentored undergraduate and graduate students in their thesis - among them were present CE faculty members like  Jason Ongpeng (present CE Dept. chair, Dr. Joanthan Dungca (present GCOE vice-dean and Dr. Lessandro Garciano (present CE STE Division head), Engr. Alden Balili and  Engr. Benjie Dimaculangan. Incidentally, the winer last year for the same award also came from the CE Dept - Asst. Professor Irene Olivia Ubay-Anongphouth.

Dr. Adajar received the Pillar of Excellence recognition as Associate Professor, while Engr. Roxas was recognized as an Assistant Professor.

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to the students, faculty, staff and administration for their support! Animo Lasalle.
The CE Department Faculty

Sunday, September 28, 2014

DLSU Annual Faculty Resarch Recognition 2014

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research & Innovation and the University Research Coordination Office (URCO) recognized the research outputs of faculty members of DLSU last Sept. 26, 2014 at the Henry Sy Building, DLSU, Manila.

The researches from the Civil  Engineering Department recognized in the ceremonies were:
  • Jason Maximino Ongpeng -Non-Destructive Testing Using Ultra-sonic Waves for Reinforced Concrete (URCO Research)
  • Jonathan Dugnca - Strength and Compressibility of coal ash as embankment material for land reclamation (ERDT)
  • Alexis Fillone - Integrated land and water transport operations in Jordan Wharf, Guimaras (ERDT)
  • Alexis Fillone - Choice Analysis of Tourist Spots: The Case of Guimaras Province (ERDT)
  • Alexis Fillone - Mode Choice Analysis of Inter-Island Passenger Travel From IloIlo to Negros Occidental
  • Ronaldo Gallardo - An Investigation on the Influence of Coal Ash Replacement & Seawater Mixing and Curing on Bamboo - Reinforced Concrete (ERDT)
  • Andres Oreta - Design of a Computer-Aided Earthquake Risk Management Tool for Safe School Communities (ERDT)
  • Jonathan Dungca -Developing Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems Associated with Coal- Fired Power Plant in ASEAN region(DLSU RPW)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BSMS(CE) student - best paper presentor at TSSP 2014 - Iloilo

Congratulations to Miss Germaine Ann C. Dilay, BS-MS student major in Transportation Engineering for being one of the two best paper presentors during the 22nd Annual Conference of the Transportation Science Society of the Philipppines held last Sept 12, 2014 in Diversion 21 Hotel Iloilo City. A total of 156 participants coming from around the country attended the said conference including students, professors, people in government and the private sector. This year’s theme discussed during the panel discussion was “Preparing TSSP for ASEAN Integration”. A total of six papers coming from De La Salle University were presented in the Conference, namely

  • The Panay-Guimaras-Negros Bridge Project: An Assessment by Nicanor Roxas Jr. and Alexis Fillone,
  •  Mode Choice Analysis of Urban Trips in Iloilo City by Frederick Sosuan and Alexis Fillone,
  • Current Bus Service Operating Characteristics along EDSA, Metro Manila by Krister Ian Daniel Roquel and Alexis Fillone,
  • Developing a Public Transit Scheduling Tool for Metro Manila Bus Operators by Raymund Paolo Abad and Alexis Fillone,
  •  Mode Shift Behavior of Bus Passengers to Rail System under Improved  Rail Operations by Germaine Ann Dilay and Alexis Fillone, and
  • Impact Assessment of Traffic Management Measures in the Vicinity of De La Salle University-Manila by Danica Carpio, Analyn de La Pena, Joshua Chris Chua, Kervin John Lucas and Alexis Fillone 

 All in all, a total of 18 papers were presented during the conference coming from other schools like University of the Philippines-Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, Central Philippine University and from LGU researches. Dr. Alexis Fillone of the Civil Engineering Department and also a Board Member of TSSP was the Chair of this year’s TSSP conference.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Balili presents at 37th IABSE Symposium - Madrid

Engr. Alden Paul Balili infront of his poster
Engr. Alden Paul D. Balili, Asst. Professor in Civil Engineering attended the 37th International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers (IABSE) Symposium held in Madrid, Spain last September 3-5, 2014.
The Symposium with the theme of “Engineering Progress for Nature and People” was attended by participants, majority of them from Europe and the rest coming from North America and East Asia. The topics discussed in the event generally revolved around innovative design concepts and sustainable infrastructure.

Balili presented his paper, “Development of Structural Engineering and Educational Application Using Gamesalad” in the poster session for the afternoon of September 4, 2014. In this paper, Balili presented applications he developed on truss analysis, foundation design and engineering mechanics. This applications were designed to run in Android tablets.

       Keynote lectures were also presented. Dong Xu from China discussed the challenges facing bridge engineers in China. What is worth noting is his proposals in the control of cracking in PC Box girder bridges. He presented a novel way of controlling shear cracking by the utilization of horizontal bars. Another keynote paper by Dan Frangopol discusses optimizing the maintenance efforts of the US government using Life-cycle principles. This paper is very relevant to the Philippines, since we also have problems with maintaining our infrastructure. A paper relevant to teaching practices was presented by Maria E. Garlock entitled “Creative Teaching for Educating Creative Structural Engineers”. The points she emphasized can be summarized as follows: · Teach with real examples – Use actual structures in the teaching in mechanics (Ex: Iconic buildings and bridge),  Don’t remove the rigor – Still teach the hard methods in mechanics and Don’t forget to play.
Alden Balili with wife Lorena. Jose Adajar (rightmost) was a former DLSU CE part -time faculty. Chep Uytiepo (2nd from right, a Filipino) is the Acting Director of IABSE Secretariat.

Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 Utilization of Waste Materials Seminar/Workshop held

Speakers, Organizers & Participants of the 2014 Seminar-Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials
The 2014 Seminar-Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials with the theme, "Sharing Knowledge, Technology and Expertise on Waste Utilization for a Sustainable Environment" was held on Sept. 5, 2014 at the 4th floor, Henry Sy Bldg, DLSU, Manila. The seminar-workshop which is is now on its 2nd year was organized by the DLSU Civil Engineering Department in cooperation with Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) , Association of Tokyo Tech Alumni and Research Scholars (ATTARS) and the Department of International Development Engineering Alumni Association (IDEAL). DLSU ChE Dept. faculty members also supported this activity.

Engr. Ronaldo Gallardo (TokyoTech Office Manager) & CE Faculty - Dr. Lejano & Dr. Oreta with Prof. Otsuki (Keynote Speaker)

Engr. Jason Ongpeng (CE Dept. Chair) delivers his welcome message
The program started with the welcome remarks by Dr. Raymond Tan (DLSU VCRI) and mesages by Jason Ongpeng (DLSU CE Dept. Chair) and Prof. Hirofumi Hinode (TIT). Keynote papers were presented by Dr. Noboaki Otsuki (TIT) on "Mottainai: Seawater usage in the field of concrete" and Dr. Michael Angelo Promentilla (DLSU - ChE Dept) on "Geopolymer: Transforming waste as resource for sustainable construction material."

Keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Promentilla recieves a certificate of appreciation
After the plenary program in the morning, three technical sessions were conducted in the afternoon. Research papers of faculty and students of the CE Department were presented. The following are the list of papers presented by DLSU students and faculty (CE & ChE Dept.):

Session A – Plenary Room – Researches on Waste Utilization
A4: Preparation of Antimicrobial from Philippine Calamansi (Citrus mitis) Seeds, Outer Skin and Pulp – J. G. Cubias, P. A. Ramirez, A. C. Tagacay, C. Sin and Dr. Susan Gallardo (ChE Dept)

Session B – Sustainable Concrete Engineering
B1:  Utilization of Perna Viridis as Partial Substitute to Cement in Concrete Mix – R. E. Talagtag, E. Sarao III, K. D. Ngo and Dr. Bernardo Lejano
B2: Effects of Fire on the Compressive and Tensile Strength of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – D. Daulo, A. Samson, S. Sy, T. J. Villanueva and Dr. Bernardo Lejano
B4: A Study On The Compressive Strength Of Seawater Concrete Mix With Varying Bottom Ash And Fly Ash Replacement Ratios - Irene Olivia Ubay – M. De Belen, V. K. Imperial, K. Ochangco, J. R. Ruiz and Irene Olivai Ubay-Anongphouth
B5: Influence of Bottom Ash and Chloride Concentration of Mixing Water in Concrete  – K. J. Co, S. E. Dy, A. N. Mariano, C. Saez, Cheryl C. Roxas and Ronaldo S. Gallardo

Session C – Sustainable Construction Materials
C1: Strength Properties Of Demolished Concrete As Roadway Embankment-  C. M. Javier, M. Singh, A. B. Vergel De Dios and Irene Olivia Ubay–Anongphouth
C2: Horizontal Permeability of Silty Sand, Fly Ash and Bentonite – Joenel Galupino and Dr. Jonathan Dungca
C4: Evaluation of Leaching Property of Geopolymer – Based Materials from Red Mud, Rice Husk Ash, and Diatomaceous Earth - H. T. Nguyen, M. Promentilla, S. Gallardo, F. Bacani, H. Hinode, M. Doand K. Pham (ChE Dept)

The seminar-workshop was closed by the ATTARS President Dr. Melito Baccay with his closing remarks. A fellowship program was also held after the seminar-workshop in the evening.
"Us - See": CES students + CE Faculty + TIT Students & Faculty at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall Roof deck before the Fellowship Dinner(Photo by Joenel)
The over-all chair of the organizing committee of the seminar-workshop was Engr. Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas (CE Dept. Vice-Chair and CTM Division Head). The head of the committees were Engr. Ricahrd De Jesus (Logistics), Dr. Andres Oreta(Technical Committee), Dr. Maricel Paringit (Publications) and Engr. Joenel Galupino (Secretariat). The support of the staff of the TokyoTech Office - Philippines and students from the Civil Engineer Society (CES) is deeply appreciated.

- Photos from FB (Susan Gallardo)