Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DLSU faculty and graduate students at SPACE2016

DLSU professor, Dr. Andres Winston Oreta and DLSU graduate students and alumni will present technical papers in the SPACE2016 organized by  PICE-Makati Chapter, Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASE) and the Institute of Specialist Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ISSEP) on Sept. 1-2, 2016 at the Century Park Hotel, Manila. SPACE means Sustainable Proactive Advocacies in Civil Engineering.

Dr. Oreta will present a paper based on a report of his AUN/SEED-Net research visit in Japan in 2015 entitled "Survey of Retrofit Methods of RC Buildings in Japan." Carla Maria B. Gonzales (BSCE alumnus) will present her group's undergraduate thesis with Dr. Oreta as adviser on "A Proposed Methodology for Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Structural Elements of Standard Bridge Designs."

PhD civil engineering students, Joenel Galupino (presently the CE ASF) and Erica Uy (former part time lecturer, now ERDT scholar) will present the following papers which they completed in the graduate class under Dr. Lessandro Garciano: 
  •  Characterization of the Surigao Bridges using Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) and Geographic Information System (GIS) - Joenel Galupino
  • A  Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis of Some Areas in Cebu Susceptible to Earthquake Induced Landslide - Erica Erice Uy 
 CHED offsite students enrolled in the MSCE program being conducted at St. Louis University, Baguio City will also present the following seminar papers in their course on Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development (DRRID):

  • Seismic Risk Analysis of a Water Distribution Pipeline - Janice Kaye L. Aquino
  • Rain Induced Landslide Assessment of Pico Lamtang Road - Basis for Probable Disaster Mitigation Plans - Jan Nicolas Baldo
  • Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) of a Heritage Building Site: The Case Study of St. Augustine Church of Paoay, Ilocos Norte - Jonas Paul B. Dela Cruz


Friday, August 26, 2016

DLSU CIV - TRE at the 9th ATRANS AYRF Conference - Bangkok

DLSU delegates to the  9th Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS) Young Researcher’s Symposium (AYRF) Conference
DLSU Civil Engineering students and faculty majoring in transportation planning and engineering presented their papers and posters at the 9th Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS) Young Researcher’s Symposium (AYRF) Conference  last Aug. 19, 2016 at Le Bua Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand with the theme, Transportation for a Better Life: SMART City, Transport and People. The following papers  were presented:
[1] Application of Artificial Neural Network to Trip Attraction of Condominiums in Metro Manila  (Dr. ROXAS, N.R. and Dr. FILLONE, A.M.) * Presented by Dr. Fillone
[2] Comparison of Logit and Neural Network Model in Inter-Island Discrete Choice Analysis  (Engr. ROQUEL, KIDZ and Dr. FILLONE, AM)
[3] Investigating the Relationship Between Housing Affordability and Mobility in Metro Manila  (Engr. ABAD, RP, Dr. FILLONE, AM)
[4] Choice Analysis of Access and Egress Mode:  Use the Pedicab or Walk (BONGULTO, J.R.D., PONCE, J.V.J., DE LA PAZ, L.A.G., VEGA, M.A.C. and Dr. FILLONE, A.M.
[5] Micrsocopic Modelling of Traffic Management Schemes Along Taft Avenue, Manila (ALIPING, A.B., BARTOLOME, A.V.R., SANTE, R.A.P., SULIT, E.A.V., Dr. FILLONE, A.M.)
[6] Characterizing Student Travel Behavior During Heavy Rainfall and Flooding (IBASCO, L.S.S., Dr. FILLONE, A.M.)
[7] Design Consideration for a Major Terminal Facility of Metro Manila (BAYONA, M.E.A.C., CANO, S.M., DAGDAGAN, M.M.Y., VALEDA, C.C.M., and Dr. FILLONE, A.M.)
[8] Introducing Air Travel as an Inter-island Transport: The Case of Metro Manila going to Mindoro Island, Philippines (CO, A.J.A., ESTEPA, L.M.M., PICANA, F.J.A. and FILLONE, A.M.)

A poster was also presented:
[1] Assessment of Localized Congestion on the Roads of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3 (NAIA 3), Pasay City, Manila (CARANDANG, C.C.P., CRUZ, N.E.G., OLEA, A.J.N., PATIU, A., FILLONE, A.M.)


Sunday, August 21, 2016

DRRID Forum was the final class meeting for the DLSU MSCE Offshore Program at SLU

Proud MSCE Offshore students present their certificate of presentation

 The last meeting of academic lectures for the MSCE students enrolled in the CHED-funded DLSU Offshore Program which is held every Friday and Saturday at St. Louis University, Baguio City finally ended on August 20, 2016 in the CIV680M class with a Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development (DRRID). The forum was the highlight of the CIV680M class handled by Dr. Andres Oreta and Dr. Lessandro Garciano. The valiant twelve faculty members coming from SLU, MMSU, U. Pangasinan, U. Cordilleras, Tarlac State U, Cagayan State U and Pangasinan State U presented their DRRID Seminar papers as the final requirement of the course.

Dean Dungca gives an opening message

Dean Posadas welcomes the guests and students
Dean Jonathan Dungca of DLSU and Dean Cynthia Posadas of SLU gave messages during the opening program of the DRRID Forum. The forum has two parts: (a) Resilient Cities Group Reports on Baguio City, Dagupan City and La Trinidad, and (b) Individual oral presentation of the DRRID Papers. The program is shown below.
Group Photo after the opening program

2nd Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development (DRRID) Forum
Aug. 20, 2016, Ohto Hahn Conference Room, St. Louis University, Baguio City

Session 1 Opening Program and Resilient Cities - Emcee: Engr. Janice Kaye L. Aquino
9:00 – 9:30 Opening Program
·         Opening Prayer        – Nika Aquino
·         Welcome Message   – Dr. Cynthia Posadas (Dean, SLU School of Engineering & Architecture)
·         Opening Remarks     – Dr. Jonathan Dungca (Dean, GCOE DLSU Manila)
·         Forum Overview      – Dr. Andres Oreta (Prof, DLSU)
9:30-10:30  Reports on Making Cities Resilient
·         9:30-9:50     Baguio City
·         9:50-10:10   Dagupan City
·         10:10-10:30 La Trinidad
 10:30-10:45  Break

Session 2 DRRID Papers – Disaster Awareness & Preparedness - Emcee: Engr. Murphy Mohammed
·         10:45-11:05 P01: Disaster Awareness & Preparedness of a Barangay: The Case of Barangay Hillside, Baguio City – Eleazar Santiago (SLU)
·         11:05-11:25 P02: Assessment of Flood Disaster Preparedness of Selected Barangay in Dagupan City – John Zamora (U. Pangasinan)
·         11:25-11:45 P03: Assessment of Disaster Awareness & Preparedness of Hospitals: The Case of SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart– Jan Mae Carino (SLU)
·         11:45-12:05 P04: Disaster Resiliency of an LGU at Basista, Pangasinan – Rizalyn Ilumin (Pangasinan State U)
12:05 – 13:00 Lunch Break

Session 3 DRRID Papers – Earthquake Hazards - Emcee: Engr. Joseph Cabalbag
·         13:00-13:20 P05: Seismic Risk on Water Supply Pipelines-  Janice Kaye Aquino (SLU)
·         13:20-13:40 P06: PSHA on the Heritage Building Site of St. Augustine Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte -  Jonas Paul De La Cruz (MMSU)
·         13:40-14:00 P07: Potential Seismic Hazards of Baguio City Special Education (SPED) Center– Lovely Rañosa (SLU)

Session 4 DRRID Papers – Hazard Assessment - Emcee: Engr. Lovely Rañosa
14:00 – 15:00 DRRID Paper Presentations (3 papers, 16 min presentation + 4 min Q&A)
·         14:00-14:20 P08: Landslide Assessment along Pico-Lamtang Road, Benguet -  Jan Nicholas Baldo (U. Cordilleras)
·         14:20-14:40 P09: La Trinidad Valley Farmlands Flood Risk Assessment -  Dexter Hansel Apnoyan (U. Cordilleras)
·         14:40-15:00 P10: Coastal Erosion Mitigation for Brgy. Pilar, Bauang La Union-  Emerson Gapuz (SLU)
15:00 – 15:45  Break

Session 5 DRRID Papers – Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery -Emcee: Engr. John Zamora
·         15:45-16:05 P11: Disaster Risk Reduction and Management of Tarlac City -  Murphy Mohammed (Tarlac State U)
·         16:05-16:25 P12: Typhoon Yolanda Experience in Tacloban City: Disaster, Response and Recovery -  Joseph Cabalbag (Cagayan State U)
16:25 – 16:30  Summary and Conclusion by Dr. Lessandro Garciano (Assoc. Professor, DLSU)
16:30-16:45  Awarding of Certificates to Presenters and Group Photo

The Twelve MSCE Offshore Program Students - Faculty members from various CE schools of Northern Luzon