Thursday, November 28, 2013

Congratulations to the New Lasallian Civil Engineers!

DLSU BSCE Program assessed based on AUN-QA 15 Criteria

Opening Program Group Photo -  11 Nov 2013
The 22nd AUN Actual Quality Assessment at the Program Level was held last Nov. 11-13, 2013 at De La Salle University, Manila to assess four programs: (a) Civil Engineering, (b) International Studies, (c) Mathematics and (d) Statistics. The assessors for the CE program were Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahrir Abdullah and Assoc Prof. Dr. Suprijadi Haryono. 

The AUN-QA Model for programme level focuses on teaching and learning with regard to the following dimensions: (a) quality of input, (b) quality of process, and (c) quality of output. The AUN-QA criteria has 15 items in the checklist: (1) Expected learning outcomes, (2) Programme specification, (3) Programme structure and content, (4) Teaching and learning strategy, (5) Student assessment, (6) Academic staff quality, (7) Support staff quality, (8) Student quality, (9) Student advice and support, (10) Facilities and Infrastructure, (11) QA of teaching and learning process, (12) Staff development activities, (13) Stakeholders feedback, (14) Output, and (15) Stakeholders satisfaction.

Preparations for the AUN-QA actual assessment for the CE Dept. started a year ago. During the third term of Academic Year (AY) 2012-2013, the tasks for the AUN-QA were assigned to CE faculty. Dr. Andres Winston Oreta was designated as the SAR (Self-Assessment Report) head writer with Engr. Cheryl Lyne Roxas as co-writer. The department also organized the CE teams responsible for addressing the four criteria of AUN-QA, headed by the following team leaders: (a) Program  - Dr. Andres Winston Oreta  , (b) Input -  Dr. Mary Ann Adajar, (c) Quality Assurance - Dr. Bernardo Lejano, and (d) Output – Engr. Jason Maximino Ongpeng and Engr. Alden Paul Balili. The preparation of the SAR and exhibits was done during the 2013 summer break. The final SAR and exhibits were submitted to the IQA Office for review on July 15, 2013. The SAR was also reviewed by an internal evaluator and the necessary revisions were done during the last week of August.
The CE Department Exhibits with Dr. Fillone, Engr. Gallardo and Dr. Culaba
 For the AUN-QA Actual Assessment, CE Dept. Chair, Jason Ongpeng served as the over-all manager, Faculty in-charge for the actual assessment were identified: Yen Anongphouth for alumni, Dr. Grace Padayhag for students and Engr. Ongpeng for employers. Invitations to employers, alumni and students for the actual interview during the actual assessment were sent early Ocotber 2013.  Exhibits were prepared by the faculty and academic service faculty and staff. Tarpualin posters were designed by ASF Engr. Joenel Galupino.
Exhibits on undergraduate thesis and achievers

The exhibits highlighted the four specializations of the DLSU BSCE program

The AUN-QA Actual Assessment Report on SAR
On the third day of the actual assessment, lead assessor Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahrir Abdullah presented their findings on Civil Engineering program of DLSU. "The DLSU CE SAR is written in accordance to the manual – the quality is very good," he reported. The strengths and weaknesses of the program were cited. Among the strengths of the DLSU CE Program are: (a) "The program has managed to inculcate skills in life long learning and independence learning, which received commendation from the employers," (b) "Program specification is clearly defined and summarized into brochure, that is usable for marketing of the program," (c) "The program has a clear strategy to deliver teaching and learning process for all courses," (d) "The staff are motivated their duties, maintain a close teacher-learner relation with student, " (e) "The students, particularly those in final year, has already demonstrated some attainment to the program learning outcome
and Lasallian values prior to OJT," (f) "Student’s evaluation on teaching processes has been institutionalized
through the ITEO system to provide feedback for curriculum development and review," (g) "The university has provided funding to support academic staff for attending the conferences, locally and abroad," (h) "The graduates and alumni has high reputation and image from employers’ perspective," (i) "Alumni from the CE program has managed to get job within 2 month."

For the weaknesses, he highlighted the ff: (a) "Some technical courses may require more hands-on and practical activities," (b) "In order to stimulate learning among to students, the teaching and learning strategy should be equipped with adequate facilities and laboratory equipment, " (c) "The current ratio of staff-student ratio for the CE program is high, " (d) "As the University envisages to be research oriented university, the
number of hours allocated for academic staff for research should be increased, (e) "Students in earlier years is struggling to understand the meaning of program learning outcomes," (f) "Curriculum development and review should be performed more systematically at defined interval by considering inputs from students and labor market (including alumni and employer) utilizing various techniques apart from surveys," (g) "Clear plan for staff training and development is required in order to address sustainability of the programme in future and quality issues of some services, " (h) "More systematic approaches in gathering stakeholder input is recommended for a more effective curriculum review," (i) "Attrition rate is relatively high."

By addressing the weaknesses highlighted in the AUN-QA actual assessment, the CE department will continue to improve its program and produce quality and socially responsible professionals.

The AUN-QA CE Assessors (Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahrir Abdullah and Assoc Prof. Dr. Suprijadi Haryono) with DLSU President Br. Ricky, FSC, GCOE Dean Seva and the CE Dept. Faculty (R.onaldo Gallardo, Andy Oreta and Jason Ongpeng)

LGU-Academe Research Forum at Iloilo City

Dr. Fillone (Top-Left) and some of the DLSU BSMS student presentors
The local organizers led by the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) together with the academe (De La Salle University-Taft, Manila; University of the Philippines Visayas-Iloilo City and Central Philippine University-CPU) held an LGU-Academe Research Forum on November 22, 2013, 9-12 AM at the Iloilo City Hall. The research forum intends to promote knowledge exchange between the academe and local government, with the intent of improving the contribution of both sectors to development work in Iloilo City. Specifically, the forum involves the presentation of past and current researches on transportation planning, disaster risk reduction and
preservation of heritage buildings.

Dr. Alexis Fillone presented the background on the collaborative research activities of DLSU TRE Division and prospects of future projects on transportation planning and disaster risk reduction with the LGU and the schools in Iloilo city. Dr. Andres Oreta presented a paper on "Research Projects and Applications on Rapid Visual Seismic Screening of Buildings."
Dr. Oreta lectures about rapid visual seismic screening
DLSU BSMS CE students presented their researches that are relevant to Iloilo City. The student presentations were:
  •  Improved Transport Terminal Utilization: The Case of Jordan Wharf, Guimaras, Philippines by Raymund Abad (BSMS CIV-TRE)
  • Mode Choice Analysis of Inter-Island Passenger Travel from Iloilo to Negros Occidental, Philippines by Krister Roquel (BSMS CIV-TRE)
  • Choice Analysis of Tourist Spots: The Case of Guimaras Province by Maria Katrina Ganzon (BSMS CIV-TRE)
  • Development of a Multi Hazard and Risk Assessment for Heritage Buildings: Case of Iloilo City by Kirk Yu (BSMS CIV-STE)
  • Computer-Aided Seismic Risk Assessment of School Buildings by Kenneth Brizuela (BSMS CIV-STE)
Researches of undergraduate and BSMS students of DLSU CE Dept. that can be also be conducted in collaboration with students and faculty of UP Visayas and CPU were determined during the informal meetings at UPV and CPU. The LGU, specifically CENRO seeks a collaborative partnenship between CENRO and the academe to create a Center that will address problems on clean air and climate change.

6th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference

DLSU faculty members and alumni at the 6th ACEC and 6th AEEC, Bangkok, Thailand (From left: Jaymiel Louiee Jayme, Mervyn Malvar, Marcus Baron, Irene Olivia Ubay-Anongphouth, Cheryl Lyne Roxas, Nicanor Roxas, Jr., Janine Faustino, Daniel Valerio)

DLSU CE Department Faculty members, Engr. Irene Olivia Ubay-Anongphouth and Engr. Cheryl Lyne Roxas (Vice-chair of the Dept.) successfully presented their studies at the 6th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference and the 6th ASEAN Environmental Engineering Conference held on 21-22 November 2013 at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. This year’s theme is Civil and Environmental Engineering for ASEAN Community”.  The papers presented by the faculty and alumni were:
Engr. Capiz-Roxas, Engr. Roxas (former DLSU CE faculty member, now full time ERDT PhD scholar) and Engr. Ubay-Anongphouth are also alumni of the AUNSEED-Net/JICA Program. They obtained their Master of Engineering degree at Chulalongkorn University, the Host Institution for the Civil Engineering program. Engr. Faustino is a first year master’s student under the AUNSEED-Net program at Chulalongkorn Unversity taking up Geotechnical Engineering.


The conference was a success as it was participated by several faculty, staff and researchers from different universities and industries in the ASEAN region. The conference highlighted innovations in research and education in Civil and Environmental Engineering. It also served as a venue for sharing recent research works and experiences among academia, industry, community, and policy makers related to a regional common issue. Updates on the AUNSEED-Net programs and activities were also discussed. 
-News article by Cheryl Roxas

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CE Faculty and BSMS Student Present Papers on Cultural Heritage and Disaster Risk Reduction

Last November 18-20, 2013, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, together with the Japan Foundation held the first ever International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangkok, Thailand. The main theme of the conference revolved around the integration of heritage preservation into disaster risk reduction, and vice versa. The benefits of this symbiotic relationship were also highlighted.
Vice Minister for Education of Thailand, Dr. Kitti Limskul delivering the opening remarks 
Director-General of Japan Foundation, Mr. Kazuhiro Fukuda delivering the opening address.
The event was graced by the Vice Minister of Education of Thailand, with members of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Several professionals coming from different fields of expertise from 17 countries were also present.
Dr. Lessandro Garciano, Assoc. Prof. (DLSU CE Dept)
Among the presentors were two members of the Civil Engineering Department of  De La Salle University. Dr. Lessandro Garciano, Associate Professor, presented the “Seismic Risk Assessment of Heritage Structure Using Fragility and Net Present Value Approach.” This paper was co-authored with MSCE student Michael Baylon. The presentation highlighted the post-scenario at the Bohol earthquake (2013) and the utilization of fragility curves to assess the risk for buildings. Dr. Garciano discussed the overview of the methodology and also integrated into the study a economic approach to check the feasibility of the proposed method. 
Kirk Yu, BSMS CE Student
On the other hand, Mr. Kirk Kennedy Yu, BSMS CE student, presented the paper co-authored with Dr. Andres Oreta (DLSU), Noel Hechanova (CENRO) and Dr. Rhodella Ibabao (UPV) entitled “Supporting Local Initiatives in Preserving Heritage Buildings in Iloilo City (Philippines) through Risk Assessment.” The presentation elaborated on the legislative and actual efforts of the city government in preserving heritage buildings. It also discussed the vulnerable condition of the heritage buildings and the proposed implementation of a Rapid Visual Screening method to assess various risks and hazards.
In total, the conference ended with the main statement that cultural heritage and disaster risk reduction must be integrated into each other. The conference also became a platform for the call for inputs into the post-2015 Framework for DRR, also known as the Hyogo Framework 2.    

- written by Kirk Yu

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vince Imperial is PICE MOCES 2013

CES President, Vince Imperial is PICE's MOCES 2013
Vince Kendrick B. Imperial was awarded the “2013 Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Student of the Philippines (MOCES)” by the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers last November 9, 2013 during the 39th National Convention of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers at the SMX Davao Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier. Vince Imperial is a senior BSCE student with specialization in Construction Technology and Management. He is also the president of the Civil Engineering Society (CES).

The selection process for MOCES was divided into two parts; screening and interview. Students from different universities all over the Philippines applied and were paper-screened by the panel of judges. The criteria for screening were Academic Performance (40%), Leadership/Involvement in PICE Student Chapter (30%), Community Service (15%), and an essay with a topic of “How Resilient is Philippine Infrastructure to Disasters?” (15%).

From all the applicants all over the Philippines, the Top 3 finalists were selected and were invited to SMX Davao for the final interview. The top 3 finalists coming from De La Salle University (DLSU), National University (NU) and Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) presented their essay in the Students Convention. At the closing program of the convention, The winners were announced with DLSU’s Imperial awarded the Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Award. TIP got second runner-up and NU got the first runner-up.

Congratulations from the CE Department!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CE Dept. Indsutry Adviser, Engr. Saavedra visits DLSU

During the Monthly Civil Engineering Departmental Meeting last October 18, 2013 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, Engineer Edgar Saavedra was introduced as one of the Board of Advisers for the DLSU Civil Engineering Department.
Engr. Edgar Saavedra shares his ideas to the DLSU CE faculty

First, he discussed things he noticed about the DLSU Civil Engineering Alumni he had worked with. He mentioned that DLSU CE graduates are very good in communication, they are easy to get along with, and because of these traits, he proudly said they can easily adapt and advance professionally quickly compared with others. He also emphasized that most DLSU CE graduates are great influences to their workplace.

Second, he suggested that the use of technology should be nurtured to current CE students. He mentioned that technology is fast changing. The alumni and the student should be able to adapt with these changes. Technology has significantly helped his company attain their goals.

Lastly, he mentioned that community awareness is important in the field of Civil Engineering. Being active in community service and being environmentally aware has many positive results. He shared his experience with his company that if you have good relationship with the community where your project is being constructed, problems are easily resolved. 

Engr. Saavedra graduated BSCE (Batch '92) at DLSU. He is currently the President of Megawide Construction Corporation. Engr. Saavedra is listed in Forbes as one of the top 50 richest in the Philippines at #44.. His partner, Michael Cosiquien at Megawide (also a DLSU BSCE graduate) is also listed as #43 richest in the Philippines.

Reported by Joenel Galupino