Friday, November 27, 2015

Congratulations New Civil Engineers - Nov 2015!

Congratulations to the new Lasallian civil engineers for passing the November 2015 Licensure Exams. DLSU-Manila had a percentage passing of 67.27% (37 out 55) versus the national passing rate of 41.5%. The following information for the first takers and repeaters is as follows: (a) First takers passing 35 of 47 which is equivalent 74.47 percent, and (b) Repeaters passing  2 of 8 which is 25 percent.

November 2015 BOARD PASSERS

 1. ENGR. ALCANTARA, Lhora Lee Zafra
2. ENGR. BAUTISTA, Dan Jayvee Alcantara
3. ENGR. BURCE, Rogeljamin Boyon
4. ENGR. CASTILLO, Rochelle Giorgianica Castillo
5. ENGR. CATINDOY, Donovan Evangelista
6. ENGR. CHUA, Renz Anderson Dologuin
7. ENGR. CUTORA, Miller De Leon
8. ENGR. DE MESA, Carl Joshua Evangelista
9. ENGR. DE VERA, Francis Joseph Rosette
10. ENGR. DILAY, Germaine Ann Chang
11. ENGR. DIZON, Mario Piquero
12. ENGR. DY, Adrian Fredrick Chua
13. ENGR. GARCIA, Kris Kernel Flores
14. ENGR. GO, Jemison Lennard Angeles
15. ENGR. LIM, Sam Jovinson De Las Alas
16. ENGR. MARCHAN, Raymond Pontillas
17. ENGR. MARIANO, Adimre Noel Dayao
18. ENGR. MOLAS, Kirven De Guzman
19. ENGR. MONTINOLA, Federico Angelo Gimena
20. ENGR. MOYA, Robert Jener Vallente
21. ENGR. OCAMPO, Rafael Luis Ancheta
22. ENGR. ONG, Alley Ilustre
23. ENGR. ORACION, Denson Manuel Arnaldo
24. ENGR. PE, John Edward Meraña
25. ENGR. PINEDA, Burmiel Pineda
26. ENGR. QUINTANA, Alberto Joseph Camiña
27. ENGR. RIVERA, Ray Franco Gonzaga
28. ENGR. ROSARIO, Ramon Marcelo
29. ENGR. SOSUAN, Frederick Lloyd Ang
30. ENGR. TAN, John Lawrence Ching
31. ENGR. TEPACE, Jeffrey Miñon
32. ENGR. TORAL, Kenneth Roi Patawaran
33. ENGR. TY, Robert Francis Sorrera
34. ENGR. VELOSO, Lawrence San Rafael
35. ENGR. VICTA, Justin Earl Bautista
36. ENGR. YOUNG, Channel James Era
37. ENGR. YU, Kirk Kennedy Uy

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Engr. Cheryl Roxas at two conferences in Malaysia

Engr. Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas, asst. professor and vice-chair of the CE Department, attended two conferences held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Awam International Conference in Civil Engineering 2015 (eco-AICCE 2015) was held in conjunction with the International Construction Week organized by the School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Construction Industry Development Board on 9-11 September 2015. This year’s theme is Propelling the Nation’s Competitiveness through Sustainable Infrastructures. She presented her research on "Drying Shrinkage of Fly Ash Mortar Mixed with Seawater."

Roxas also attended the 9th Asia Pacific Structural Engineering and Construction Conference and 8th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference (APSEC-ACEC 2015) organized by the University Teknologi Malaysia and sponsored by the ASEAN University Network Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUNSEED-Net)/Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on 03-05 November 2015.She presented a paper on "Evaluating the Causes of Delay in Philippine Government Road Construction, Repair and Rehabilitation Projects."

The two conferences in Malaysia brought together experts, practitioners, faculty, students and government officials and highlighted a wide range of issues to enhance knowledge, increase awareness and explore new ideas and thinking in structures, civil engineering and construction.

Monday, November 9, 2015

DLSU Faculty and ERDT scholars at PCEE 2015-Sydney

Andy Oreta, Mara Del Prado and Muriel Naguit of ANU

Adrian Dy

DLSU Professor, Andres Oreta and part-time faculty members, Marabelle del Prado (MSCE) and Adrian Dy (BSMS-CE) attended the 10th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering (PCEE2015) held on November 6-8, 2015 at Menzies Hotel, Sydney, Australia. Del Prado and Dy were supported by DOST-ERDT being ERDT scholars when they were enrolled in the Master's program at DLSU.  The PCEE2015 which had the theme, “Building an Earthquake Resilient Pacific” consisted of Plenary sessions in the morning and Concurrent sessions in the afternoon focusing on various topics on earthquake engineering - seismicity, unreiforced masonry, performance-based design, diplacment-based design, geothecnical engineering, base isolation, steel and concrete structures, risk assessment and geohazards. The following papers from DLSU were presented in the Earthquake Engineering sessions on Performance-Based Design and Damage Assessment, respectively:

1.    Del Prado and Oreta, “Application of a Proposed Methodology on Performance-Based Assessment to a RC Heritage Building in the Philippines
2.    Dy and Oreta, “Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Setback Buildings Using Pushover Analysis.” 
Mara Del Prado presents at the PCEE2015 Concurrent Session on Performance-Based Design
The conference was attended by researchers, professors and scientists from various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, India, USA, China and Taiwan. In the conference, there were five from the Philippines (three from DLSU, one from ASEP and one Filipina, Muriel Naguit enrolled at Australia National University).

Conference dinner with colleagues from  the Philippines, Thailand and Japan

With Dr. Victor Pulmano (Former visiting professor at DLSU) and Engr. Egbert Abiad