Thursday, May 29, 2014

DLSU STE students win at A.CONCEPT2014 poster competition

The students with their research posters during the A.CONCEPT2014
 The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) held a student research poster competition during the A.CONCEPT2014 held on May 22-24, 2014 at the Century Plaza Hotel, Manila. The two entries from DLSU CE Department won 1st place and 2nd place in the competition winning P5000.00 and P3000.00 respectively.
The Top 3 winning posters (1st & 2nd: DLSU, 3rd: UPD)

The wiinning poster was entitled "A Methodology for Site-Specific Wind Contouring and Hazard Mapping: A Case Study in Surigao City" by Marvin Salazar with Dr. Lessandro Garciano as adviser.

The 2nd place winner is entitled "Utilization of Perna Viridis as Patial Substitute to Cement in Concrete Mix" by Kriss Ngo, ERnesto Sarao III, Rogel Talgatag with Dr. Bernardo Lejano as adviser.

DLSU CE papers presented at the ASEP Concrete Convention

Engr. Richard De Jesus answers questions during the Q&A
DLSU CE faculty - Assoc. Prof. Lessandro Garciano, Asst. Profs. Alden Paul Balili and Richard De Jesus presented technical papers at the ASEP Convention on Concrete Engineering, Practice and Technology (A.CONCEPT 2014) held on May 22-24, 2014 at the Century Plaza Hotel, Manila. The convention had a theme, "Extreme Loadings on Concrete Structures." The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) is the specialized professional organization in structural engineering in the Philippines. The structural engineering faculty of DLSU are members of ASEP. Some of them served also as directors of ASEP in recent years.
Dr. Lessandro Garciano

Engr. Alden Paul Balili
The following papers, outputs from undergraduate thesis, were presented by the faculty members:
  • "Nonlinear Ultrasonic Testing in Evaluating Compressive Property of Normal Strength Concrete" by Richard De Jesus, Jason Ongpeng, et al.
  • "Updated Wind Zone Map and Developing Contour Maps for the Philippines: Adaptation Strategies for Extreme Wind Speeds" by Dr. Lessandro Garciano et al.
  • "RC Design Apps on Tablet PCs" by Alden Paul Balili et al.
Dr. Andy Oreta (A.CONCEPT Technical Committee member)
with the ASEP Directors and Past Presidents  and the Keynote speaker, Vice Mayor Al Arquillano

Prof. Nakamura of Nagoya U (Japan) at DLSU

Engr. Ongpeng and Dr. Garciano presented
a certificate of appreciation  to Prof. Nakamura
Prof. Hikaru Nakamura, chair of the Civil Engineering Department of Nagoya University, Japan was a guest lecturer in the Graduate Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development. Prof. Nakamura delivered his lecture on "Damage Evaluation Analysis and Repair/Strengthening Method of Concrete Members due to Earthquakes." He discussed about seismic damage assessment where he showed the importance of the damage evaluation of concrete structures before an earthquake takes place. He also presented the use of nonlinear analysis for damage evaluation and some rapid repair/strengthening methods that were developed for restoration of damaged structures. 

Engr. Jason Ongpeng (Chairman of Civil Engineering Department) gave the certificate of appreciation to the guest speaker of the evening. Several professors from the Civil Engineering Department were also present including Dr. Renan Tanhueco and Engr. Alden Balili. 

The Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development is a course offered to students taking up masteral and doctoral degree in Civil Engineering. This course is facilitated by two faculty members Dr. Andres Oreta and Dr. Lessandro Garciano. In this course, resource speakers are invited to deliver a lecture based on their specialized topics. 
Dr. Oreta and Dr. Tanhueco (both graduates of Nagoya University)
gave Prof. Nakamura a tour and dinner at SM MOA.

- Reported by Mara Del Prado

Thursday, May 8, 2014

DLSU is top performing CE school in May 2014 board exams!

De La Salle was recognized by the Professional Regulatory Commission as the Top Performing School  (more than 50 takers and at least 80% passing rate) with 64 passers from 70 takers or 91.43% passing. CE students also placed 4th (Victor Carlo Torres), 5th (Isaiah Paul Alvarez), 6th (Jon Arnel Telan) and 9th (Syrus Gomari) in the recent May 2014 board exams. Congratulations!
Victor Carlo Torres (No. 4) - BSCE-STE, magna cum laude
Isaiah Paul Alavrez (No. 5), BSCE-STE, honorable mention

Jon Arnel Telan (No. 6) - BSCE-STE, summa cum laude

Syrus Gomari (No. 9) - BSCE-STE, magna cum laude

Congratulations to the new LASALLIAN CIVIL ENGINEERS!

1. Engr. Alquinto, Arjan David Borrero
2. Engr. Alvarez, Isiah Paul Rogel – 5th Placer
3. Engr. Ang, Anthony Bryan Lorenzo
4. Engr. Anore, Gino Angelo Geluz
5. Engr. Balibrea, Nevin Yu
6. Engr. Bata, Kevin Jerome Butial
7. Engr. Bulactial, Arian Aquino
8. Engr. Caparos, Richerene Yu
9. Engr. Carrido, Lemuel Calvin Cabrera
10. Engr. Cañete, Jonathan Garcia
11. Engr. Cañeza, Racquel Badiable
12. Engr. Colobong, John Antony Manzana
13. Engr. De Luna, Edmarc Evangelista
14. Engr. Decal, Christopher Quiparo
15. Engr. Dee, Kester Tom Tan
16. Engr. Dela Rosa, Deuel Gilead Punongbayan
17. Engr. Dizon, Federico Tan
18. Engr. Fabian, Frederick Nico Guinto
19. Engr. Fajardo, Xenia Briones
20. Engr. Flordeliza, Eric Cano
21. Engr. Galan, Jose Luis Abad
22. Engr. Galang, Frederick Valino
23. Engr. Gantuangco, Ganna Athena Layco
24. Engr. Garcia, Mark Wesley Chang
25. Engr. Go, Paul Vincent Llamado
26. Engr. Gomari, Syrus Borja – 9th Placer
27. Engr. Gozum, Noel Lester Clemente
28. Engr. Gugol, Louie Mari Leung
29. Engr. Latorre, Gabriel Ariston Sevilla
30. Engr. Lim, Jv James Kristofferson Lim
31. Engr. Mangiliman, Joe Arsen Santiago
32. Engr. Manuel, Pauline Malou Casanova
33. Engr. Medalla, Miguel Paulo Dizon
34. Engr. Montrias, Louie Mart Malinao
35. Engr. Octaviano, Martin Abundo
36. Engr. Ong, Janelle Kathryn Pe
37. Engr. Oropel, Joseph Christopher Aguilar
38. Engr. Prescillas, Elisa Joyce Co
39. Engr. Rabat, Lorenzo Leon Garcia
40. Engr. Radovan, Camille Rellosa
41. Engr. Rapinan, Ron Kevin Mendoza
42. Engr. Requiso, Dareen Adrian Tantoy
43. Engr. Revelo, Joemar Nadala
44. Engr. Rivera, Ana Consuelo Martin
45. Engr. Sacaguing, Alvin Hermias
46. Engr. Sanchez, Peter Justin De Veyra
47. Engr. Siongco, Kelvin Restrivera
48. Engr. Sy, Jerome Caldrich Averia
49. Engr. Tago, Jalaloden Baniaga
50. Engr. Tan, Adam Benedict Say
51. Engr. Tan, Bryan Jasper Uy
52. Engr. Tan, Reginald Quien
53. Engr. Tang, Kenneth Robertson Tan
54. Engr. Tayag, Alexis Angela Maranan
55. Engr. Telan, Jon Arnel Salazar -6th Placer
56. Engr. Torres, Victor Carlo Flores – 4th Placer
57. Engr. Uy, John Danson Descallar
58. Engr. Uymatiao, Gregorio Iii Sybico
59. Engr. Uytengsu, Timothy Scott Yap
60. Engr. Velasco, Earl John Adul
61. Engr. Vergara, Dondon Maliksi
62. Engr. Wee Eng, Keeshia Rose Demafeliz
63. Engr. Yao, Kelvin Gerard Ng
64. Engr. Yu, Harvin Adrian Chang

Animo Lasalle!
- List prepared by Dr. Jonathan Dungca

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dr. Oreta pursues networking with TIT and Nagoya University

Dr. Oreta delivers a lecture at Nagoya University
Dr. Andres Oreta, professor in civil engineering visited Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT)  and Nagoya University  (NU) to pursue networking and collaborative activities between DLSU CE Department and the related departments of the two institutions.

With Prof. Hirose (TIT)
Oreta met with Prof. Soichi Hirose, chair of the Environmental Informatics Group of Tokyo Institute of Technology last April 28, 2014. They discuss the possible research activities on non-destructive testing. Incidentally, Engr. Jason Ongpeng is a Ronpaku scholar with Prof. Hirose and Prof. Oreta as advisers. Prof. Hirose also shared information about the Earthquake Engineering Program (EEP) which aims to produce highly skilled engineers and researchers (Masters and Doctoral Program) who make significant contributions to earthquake hazard mitigation world-wide. The program is offered by the Center for Urban Earthquake Engineering (CUEE), Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Prof. Nakamura (NU) and the NU graduate students
Dr. Oreta with the NU professors and graduate students
Oreta delivered a lecture on "CE Research on Safe and Sustainable Infrastructures at DLSU" in the Seminar for graduates students in civil engineeringresearch at the Department of Civil Engineering of Nagoya University on May 2, 2104. The seminar is a required course on research in civil engineering on various fields of specialization. Prof. Hikaru Nakamura, chair of the CE Department of Nagoya University who invited Dr. Oreta to make the presentation facilitated his visit and accommodation at NU.
Dr. Oreta presents a preview of DLSU faculty and student researches