Sunday, August 14, 2016

GCOE Faculty presents papers at RCEE2016 and I-PHEX2016 at UTM, KL, Malaysia

Paper presentors from DLSU at RCEE2016
GCOE faculty presented papers at the 6th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2016) held on Aug. 9-10, 2016 and exhibited posters at the 3rd International Innovative Practices in Higher Education Expo (I-PHEX2016) held on Aug. 10, 2016 at the Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CE faculty, Dr. Andres Oreta, Dr. Mario De Leon and Dr. Maria Cecilia Paringit and ME part-time faculty, Dr. Manuel Belino presented the following papers on Engineering Education and Scholarship on Teaching and Learning:
  • A methodology on assessing program educational objectives for undergraduate engineering programs - presentor: Dr. Andres Oreta, co-authors: Dr. Alvin Chua and Dr. Rosemary Seva
  • Use cooperative group learning in improving problem solving performance in a surveying course of civil engineering students - presentor: Dr. Maria Cecilia Paringit
  • Lessons in the implementation of CQI in the civil engineering program of De La Salle University - presentor: Dr. Mario De Leon, co-authors: Dr. Lessandro Garciano and Dr. Andres Oreta
  • A response to the 21st century challenges to Philippine engineering education: innovative and revitalized graduate program in engineering education - presentor: Dr. Manuel Belino
Dr. Oreta and Ms. Ann Dulay of the ECE Department, participated in the I-PHEX2016. The posters exhibited are as follows:
  • Interactive approach in teaching engineering ethics to a class size of  more than thirty - Ann Dulay
  • Addressing student outcomes on engineering problem solving using modern tools in an applied programming course in civil engineering - Andres Oreta

Dr. Oreta and his poster at the I-PHEX2016

Ms. Ann Dulay of the ECE Department
Dr. Be;inao was also a plenary speaker from the Philippines during the Plenary Forum on the Current Stautus and Future Direction in Engineering Education: Overcoming the Challenges. The other plenary speakers come from Pakistan, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, UK and India.

  • Office of the VCA and VCRI for the funding support
  • Office of the GCOE Dean for the additional funding support

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