Friday, August 26, 2016

DLSU CIV - TRE at the 9th ATRANS AYRF Conference - Bangkok

DLSU delegates to the  9th Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS) Young Researcher’s Symposium (AYRF) Conference
DLSU Civil Engineering students and faculty majoring in transportation planning and engineering presented their papers and posters at the 9th Asian Transportation Research Society (ATRANS) Young Researcher’s Symposium (AYRF) Conference  last Aug. 19, 2016 at Le Bua Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand with the theme, Transportation for a Better Life: SMART City, Transport and People. The following papers  were presented:
[1] Application of Artificial Neural Network to Trip Attraction of Condominiums in Metro Manila  (Dr. ROXAS, N.R. and Dr. FILLONE, A.M.) * Presented by Dr. Fillone
[2] Comparison of Logit and Neural Network Model in Inter-Island Discrete Choice Analysis  (Engr. ROQUEL, KIDZ and Dr. FILLONE, AM)
[3] Investigating the Relationship Between Housing Affordability and Mobility in Metro Manila  (Engr. ABAD, RP, Dr. FILLONE, AM)
[4] Choice Analysis of Access and Egress Mode:  Use the Pedicab or Walk (BONGULTO, J.R.D., PONCE, J.V.J., DE LA PAZ, L.A.G., VEGA, M.A.C. and Dr. FILLONE, A.M.
[5] Micrsocopic Modelling of Traffic Management Schemes Along Taft Avenue, Manila (ALIPING, A.B., BARTOLOME, A.V.R., SANTE, R.A.P., SULIT, E.A.V., Dr. FILLONE, A.M.)
[6] Characterizing Student Travel Behavior During Heavy Rainfall and Flooding (IBASCO, L.S.S., Dr. FILLONE, A.M.)
[7] Design Consideration for a Major Terminal Facility of Metro Manila (BAYONA, M.E.A.C., CANO, S.M., DAGDAGAN, M.M.Y., VALEDA, C.C.M., and Dr. FILLONE, A.M.)
[8] Introducing Air Travel as an Inter-island Transport: The Case of Metro Manila going to Mindoro Island, Philippines (CO, A.J.A., ESTEPA, L.M.M., PICANA, F.J.A. and FILLONE, A.M.)

A poster was also presented:
[1] Assessment of Localized Congestion on the Roads of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3 (NAIA 3), Pasay City, Manila (CARANDANG, C.C.P., CRUZ, N.E.G., OLEA, A.J.N., PATIU, A., FILLONE, A.M.)


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