Sunday, August 7, 2016

CE Dept hold Faith Formation Seminar with Br. Michael, FSC

CE Faculty & staff strengthening their Lasallian spirituality at St. Scholastica's Retreat House, Tagaytay City

Certificate of Appreciation is given to the retreat facilitator, Br. Michael Broughton, FSC by Dean Dungca, Engr. Ongpeng (Dept. chair) and Dr. Garciano (GCOE EAD)
The CE Department faculty and staff attended a Faith Formation Seminar on the "Life of the Founder and Lasallian Spirituality" on August 5, 2016 at the St. Scholastica's Retreat House, Tagaytay City. Br. Michael Broughton, FSC (DLSU VP for Lasallian Mission) was the spiritual resource speaker.

Br. Michael shared his experience as a Lasallian brother in Singapore and in the Philippines and explained the five Lasallian principles (a) Faith in the presence of God, (b) Concern for the poor and social justice, (c) Quality education, (d) Respect for all persons, and (e) Inclusive community. These principles are hinged on the Lasallian core values (FSC): Faith, Service and Community. He also stressed the importance of these values and principles in one's job as a teacher or staff. Some memorable quotes from the seminar are listed below:
1. Jesus is both the messenger and the message.
2. God is love. Love created created us. Hence, We are from Love, We are of Love and We are for Love.
3. We are capable of great evil, but we are capable of greater good.
4. You express your love by caring for your students through your teaching.
5. Your students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
6. Self care is not optional. The quality of your work drops when you are not well.
7. Every teacher works for the success of the students just like God works for your success.
8. Dream big. Start small. Start now.

- by AWCO. Photos by Joenel

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