Monday, April 2, 2018

2nd TCU – DLSU Joint Forum in Civil Engineering

The 2nd TCU – DLSU Joint Forum in Civil Engineering was recently held last March 13, 2018 at Andrew Hall 1403.  This symposium was co-organized by both Civil Engineering departments of Tokyo City University (TCU) and De La Salle University. A total of 19 research papers were presented in this forum, with ten papers from TCU and nine papers from DLSU. The students from TCU who presented their researchers were the following:

a. Keita Masuda – “Development of a monitoring system aimed at grasping damage status of bridges after the earthquake

b. Yuto Watanabe – “Examination of fatigue crack detection by eddy current using finite element method

c. Yuto Yamase – “Crack detection of gusset plate welded by ultrasonic test equipment

d. Yosuke Tasaki – “Deterioration estimation and optimal inspection planning for existing airport runway

e. Takanari Sasaki – “Effect of ozone water cleaning on fouling mitigation in a hollow fiber membrane MBR

f. Takuya Moe – “A study on strength development of suspended type injection material using micro particles used for liquefaction countermeasure

g. Fumi Sato – “Study on mechanism of rock fall at tunnel cutting face after blasting

h. Yukoh Hasunuma – “A study on permeation characteristics of suspension containing micro particles to ground”

i. Takato Uehara – “Analysis of requirements of data used for grasping the situation of urban spaces and aging population”

j. Takuya Tanaka – “Definition of requirements for large-scale road maps suitable for lane-based road traffic analysis”

The students from TCU were accompanied by Associate Professor Takahito Mikami who also presented a brief background of TCU during the Forum. On the other hand, presenters from DLSU were the following:

a. Rainier Lawrence Valdez – “Seismic reliability analysis of a water lifeline: A case study on the water network system of Binan City, Laguna

b. Engr. Jenes P. Borais – “Assessment of out-of-plane failure of non-engineered masonry wall due to typhoon Haiyan-induced storm surges

c. Engr. Eyen James D. Ledesma – ‘Investigation of the flexural strength of cold-formed steel C-Sections using computational and experimental method

d. Francis M. Alcaraz – “Investigation on the wave-current interaction in Laguna De Bay

e. Kim Stephen D. Lee – “Rainfall-Runoff analysis for designing LID to mitigate flooding in an urbanized catchment

f. Jomari Tan – “Assessing effectivity of rice husk ash and fly ash as admixture in stabilization of expansive soil

g. John Carlo R. Samarita – “Investigating the effect of geotextile as reinforcement on the bearing capacity of granular soil

h. Erjosh O. Salvame - “A study of condominium property prices along LRT 1 in Metro Manila

i. Daniel Laurence C. Ang - “Road capacity imbalance at exit points of the Metro Manila Skyway and adjoining roads

Presenters of the Forum and Faculty and staff of the Civil Engineering Department
TCU visitors inside “El Deposito”

The next day, TCU guests had a cultural tour around Metro Manila that included a visit at Museo Katipunan at Pinaglabanan Shrine, El Deposito (Fig. 2) and Intramuros. They wrapped up the visit with a shopping spree at the Mall of Asia.

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