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Welcome Party
The Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science) was hosted by The Center for Contribution to Peace in Asia, it was conducted last October 12 to October 18, 2014. There were a total of 30 participants from De La Salle University, this includes 2 faculty members - Dr. Alvin Culaba (EVP for External Relations and Internationalization) and Dr. Jonathan Dungca (GCOE Vice Dean), 10 CE students, and 18 students from different colleges.The CIV students are:

  1. Engr. Joenel Galupino, MS Student
  2.  Mr. Renz Chua, BSMS Student
  3. Mr. Kristian Caringal, BSMS Student
  4. Mr. Sean Ting, BSMS Student
  5. Mr. Benjamin Cruz, BSMS Student
  6. Mr. Jiaan Gesalem, BSMS Student
  7. Ms. Ivy Sanchez, BS Student
  8. Ms. Modwena Juego, BS Student
  9. Mr. Heisen Sanchez, BS Student
  10. Mr. Dwayne Acosta, BS Student

The program concentrates on Resources and Environmental Engineering. With Waseda University as the host school, multiple lectures were conducted along with laboratory tours. Among the distinguished speaker is Prof. Shuji Owada. He talked mainly about the relationship of economy, population, food, and industry resources along with its importance to the society. They also showcased the Owada laboratory facilities with the help of Prof. Owada’s research assistants. Most of their research focuses on how to improve the recycling processes and how to solve resource problems. 

During the first day of the program, the DLSU delegates were warmly welcomed at the Waseda University. They prepared a welcome party which became an avenue of sharing of experiences. The DLSU students also had a chance to mingle with Japanese students and were able to showcase each other’s culture. Some members of the hosting organization were also present in the event.
Recycling Plant Visit
Laboratory Tour

The exchange program participants also visited two Tokyo recycling plants. Both plants are recycling electronic wastes such as  appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, printed circuit boards (PCB), computers, laptops, and the like. The wastes undergo a rigorous process to obtain rare useful metals which they sell back to the industry.

The program was culminated by different presentations organized by the DLSU students. Message of appreciation were given by representatives of both parties. Members of the administrators of the event – Japan Science and Technology and Asia Peace Making center were also present in the farewell party. The program was ended by the awarding of certificate of achievement for the course to the delegates by Michiharu Nakamura, PhD., President of Japan Science and Technology.

The DLSU participants with the Japanese Professors

Write up by: Kristian Lawrence V. Caringal
Photos from: Dr. Jonathan Dungca and Jiaan Gesalem

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