Thursday, August 7, 2014

ASEP President at DLSU Graduate Seminar on DRR and Infrastructure Dev't

Engr. Carlos Villaraza, F.ASEP
Engr. Carlos Villaraza, current president and fellow of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) delivered a lecture on Seismic Risk Assessment at the course CIV680M/D - Graduate Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development (DRRID) on August 6, 2014 at the V512 room. He first presented some background on seismology, earthquake codes and structural dynamics. Then he presented examples where he applied seismic risk assessment on buildings, geothermal and sewage plants.

CIV680M/D is a graduate course handled by Dr. Andres Oreta and Dr. Lessandro Garciano. In this course, resource speakers which include professors from the CE and IE Departments who are experts in their field were invited to deliver lectures. Among the invited resource speakers and their topics were:
  • Dr. Hikaru Nakamura (Nagoya University) - Seismic Damage Assessment and Retrofitting
  • Dr. Renan Tanhueco (CE-HWR) - Flood Hazards, Building Urban Resilience
  • Dr. Mario De Leon (CE-HWR) - Tsunami and Storm Surge
  • Dr. Danilo Terante (CE-HWR) - Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptation
  • Dr. Jonathan Dungca (CE-STE) - Geotechnical Hazards and Disasters
  • Dr. Maricel Paringit (CE-TRE)- Role of GIS in mainstreaming DRR
  • Dr. Alexis Fillone (CE-TRE) - Role  of Transportation in DRR
  • Dr. Jose Mutuc (IE) - Simulating Non-Structural factors in DRR
Dr. Oreta delivered lectures on (a) Disaster, Risk and Hazard concepts, (b) Earthquake Hazards and Disasters, (c) Safety and Sustainability in Hazard-Prone Regions. Dr. Garciano presented lectures on Wind Hazards and Quantitative Risk Assessment.

The final requirement for this course is that each student will write and present a seminar paper during Graduate Forum on DRRID which will be held on August 23, 2014.

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