Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dr. Lejano, a Lasallian Excellence Awards (LEA) Winner for being the Most Outstanding Teacher for the Gokongwei College of Engineering

 Lasallian Excellence Awards

To commemorate the service of various organizations under the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) and Lasallian individuals through recognitions and turnover activities, the Lasallian Excellence Awards (LEA) Night was celebrated last August 4, 2017 at the Natividad Fajardo-Rosario Gonzales Auditorium, Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall, De La Salle University.
                With the theme “Kaleidoscope: Leadership in Different Colors and Perspectives”, the LEA committee, in partnership with the Award Giving Bodies (AGB), awarded three components of the Lasallian body: Harvest of Winners (HOW), which recognizes different Lasallian student leaders, organizations, and activities; The Outstanding Coeds, The Outstanding Young Men (TOC-TOYM), which is dedicated for Lasallians who personifies the University’s mission statement; and Student’s Search for Outstanding Teachers (SSOT), which commends, and awards outstanding faculty members of the Lasallian community.

 Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano

                For the SSOT awards, Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano, a full-time professor from the Civil Engineering Department, was one of the awardees and was given a plaque for being the Most Outstanding Teacher for the Gokongwei College of Engineering.
                On the other hand, among the CSO organizations, Civil Engineering Society (CES) was one of the few who stood out in the event, after being nominated, and winning numerous awards. For the HOW officer awards, two officers from CES were awarded, namely, Jonathan Sebastian P. Isleta, and Riva Donia C. Tadi, for being the 2nd runner-up for Most Outstanding Secretary, and 1st runner-up for Most Outstanding Assistant Vice President, respectively.
                Additionally, CES was also nominated and awarded for their academic activities, seminar/workshops, organizational development activities, and publication. For the academic activities, four out of the five nominated ones were from CES, and two from those, specifically, LBYCVS1 Field Trip, and CES Finals Review, were finalists, garnering the 3rd and 2nd places for the Most Outstanding Academic Program/Contest, respectively. Technical Writing Workshop 2016, another CES academic activity, also won the 2nd place for the Most Outstanding Seminar/Workshop. For the Most Outstanding Organizational Development Activity, the CES Junior Officer Training was awarded the 3rd place in the said category. CES was also nominated for their publication, BRIDGES: The CES Magazine (Volume II), for the Most Outstanding Minor Publication
                Aside from the officers, and activities awards, CES was also nominated as the Most Outstanding Professional Organization, and won an award for being the Most Outstanding ENGAGE Organization.

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