Sunday, September 6, 2015

CIV Faculty and Students Present Papers in WOW 2015

CE Dept Faculty and Students at WOW2015
Researches from the Civil Engineering Department Faculty and Students were presented in the recent 2015 Seminar-Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials (WOW2015) with the theme “Science and Engineering on Waste Utilization for the People, Economy and the Environment” last September 04, 2015 at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall, De La Salle University.

WOW2015 was hosted by the DLSU Chemical Engineering Department together with the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), Association of Tokyo Tech Alumni and Research Scholars (ATTARS) and TokyoTech Department of International Development Engineering (IDE). It is a multi-diciplinary seminar-workshop that brought together technologists, engineers, scientists, field project managers, representatives of NGOs and government, academia and industry.

Listed below are the papers that were presented by the Civil Engineering Department Faculty and Students:

(B4) UWMC-EC02: Influence of Fly Ash and Seawater to the Drying Shrinkage of Mortar  - B. A. Liu, J. W. Bautista, J. B. Crockett, T. J. Obra and C. L. C. Roxas

(B5) UWMC-EC05: Determination of Permeability Characteristics of Soil Blended with Fly Ash using Response Surface Methodology - J. G. Galupino and J. R. Dungca

(B8) UWMC-EH01: Evaluation of Properties of Pervious Concrete with Fly Ash and Bottom Ash -  J. M. Tepace and R. S. Gallardo

-article written by J. G. Galupino

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