Friday, July 11, 2014

Special Awards given to BSMS 2014 grads

Four of the BSMS graduates - Bidol, Abranilla, Abad and Brizuella with Engr. Ongpeng and Dr. Fillone
Special CE Awards were given to the first batch of  BSMS graduates last July 11, 2014. Paul Bidol was recognized as the "Outstanding BSMS CE student" for his high academic performance (graduating magna cum laude) and for being selected as the best paper presentor at CSEB 2014 (Malaysia). Maria Katrina Ganzon was given the award for "Best Contribution to the CE Department" for being best presentor in two conferences in transportation engineering and having a paper accepted in an international journal. The rest of the BSMS graduates that include Dane Abranilla, Kenneth Brizuela, Raymund Abad, Arvin Yu and Kristen Roquel were given certificates for their outstanding academic performance and research outputs.
With the CE Dept Faculty and Staff

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