Monday, June 16, 2014

The 1st Batch of BSMS CE graduates last June 14, 2014

Batch 1 - BSMS CE Graduates
(Right to Left: Brizuela, Yu, Ganzon, Roquel, Abranilla, Abad & Bidol)
The first batch of the BS-MS Civil Engineering program graduated during the 170th Commencement Exercises held last June 14, 2014 at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. The seven BSMS graduates also received academic awards during the ceremonies. Listed below are the BSMS graduates, the titles of their research, and the conferences they have participated in.

  1.  Abad, Raymund Paolo – Cum Laude. Integrated Land and Water Transport Operations at Jordan Wharf, Guimaras. Poster presentor at the 2nd ERDT Conference, Best Paper Presentor at 21st TSSP Conference (Cebu, Phis), Paper presentor at 6thATRANS Young Researchers Forum (Thailand), 10thEASTS Conference (Taiwan), and 1st SPACE conference (Phils).
  2. Abranilla, Dane Rei–Cum Laude. St. La Salle Scholar. Strength and Compressibility of Coal Ash as Embankment Material for Land Reclamation. Poster presentor at 2nd ERDT conference.
  3.  Bidol, Paul Bryan – Magna Cum Laude. Investigation on the Influence of Coal Ash Replacement and Seawater Mixing and Curing on the Strength of Bamboo-Reinforced Concrete. Best paper presentor at CSEB 2014 conference (Malaysia)
  4.  Brizuela, Kenneth –Cum Laude. St. La Salle Scholar. A Computer-Aided Seismic Hazard Risk Assessment Tool to Promote Safe School Communities. Paper presentor/author for CECAR-6 (Indonesia), EASEC-13 (Sapporo, Japan)  and 1st SPACE Conference (Phils).
  5. Ganzon, Maria Katrina – Cum Laude. Choice Analysis for Tourist Spots: The Case of Guimaras Province. Poster presentor at the 2ndERDT conference, paper presentor at 21st TSSP Conference (Cebu, Phils) and 10th EASTS Conference (Taiwan), and best paper presentor at the 6thATRANS Young Researchers Forum (Thailand)..
  6. Roquel, Krister Ian Daniel – Cum Laude. Mode Choice Analysis of Inter-Island Passenger Travel from Iloilo to Negros Occidental, Philippines. Poster presentor at the 2nd ERDT Conference, best paper presentor at 21stTSSP Conference (Cebu, Phils), paper presentor for the 6thATRANS Young Researchers Forum (Thailand), the 10th EASTS Conference (Taiwan), and the 2014 PICE Mid-Year Convention.
  7. Yu, Arvin Patrick – Jose Rizal Honors Society Member. Magna Cum Laude. Investigation of the Compressive Strength of Cold-Formed Steel C-Section. Paper presentor at CSEB 2014 conference (Malaysia)

Introduced two years ago, the BS-MS program enables qualified 3rd year students to take their Master’s course program simultaneously with their undergraduate program. The program is designed to be completed after the student’s 5th year of stay. Students accepted in the program were also candidates for the DOST – Engineering Research for Development and Technology (DOST-ERDT) scholarship.

- Reported by Raymund Paolo Abad

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