Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CE Dept. Indsutry Adviser, Engr. Saavedra visits DLSU

During the Monthly Civil Engineering Departmental Meeting last October 18, 2013 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, Engineer Edgar Saavedra was introduced as one of the Board of Advisers for the DLSU Civil Engineering Department.
Engr. Edgar Saavedra shares his ideas to the DLSU CE faculty

First, he discussed things he noticed about the DLSU Civil Engineering Alumni he had worked with. He mentioned that DLSU CE graduates are very good in communication, they are easy to get along with, and because of these traits, he proudly said they can easily adapt and advance professionally quickly compared with others. He also emphasized that most DLSU CE graduates are great influences to their workplace.

Second, he suggested that the use of technology should be nurtured to current CE students. He mentioned that technology is fast changing. The alumni and the student should be able to adapt with these changes. Technology has significantly helped his company attain their goals.

Lastly, he mentioned that community awareness is important in the field of Civil Engineering. Being active in community service and being environmentally aware has many positive results. He shared his experience with his company that if you have good relationship with the community where your project is being constructed, problems are easily resolved. 

Engr. Saavedra graduated BSCE (Batch '92) at DLSU. He is currently the President of Megawide Construction Corporation. Engr. Saavedra is listed in Forbes as one of the top 50 richest in the Philippines at #44.. His partner, Michael Cosiquien at Megawide (also a DLSU BSCE graduate) is also listed as #43 richest in the Philippines.

Reported by Joenel Galupino

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