Thursday, November 28, 2013

LGU-Academe Research Forum at Iloilo City

Dr. Fillone (Top-Left) and some of the DLSU BSMS student presentors
The local organizers led by the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) together with the academe (De La Salle University-Taft, Manila; University of the Philippines Visayas-Iloilo City and Central Philippine University-CPU) held an LGU-Academe Research Forum on November 22, 2013, 9-12 AM at the Iloilo City Hall. The research forum intends to promote knowledge exchange between the academe and local government, with the intent of improving the contribution of both sectors to development work in Iloilo City. Specifically, the forum involves the presentation of past and current researches on transportation planning, disaster risk reduction and
preservation of heritage buildings.

Dr. Alexis Fillone presented the background on the collaborative research activities of DLSU TRE Division and prospects of future projects on transportation planning and disaster risk reduction with the LGU and the schools in Iloilo city. Dr. Andres Oreta presented a paper on "Research Projects and Applications on Rapid Visual Seismic Screening of Buildings."
Dr. Oreta lectures about rapid visual seismic screening
DLSU BSMS CE students presented their researches that are relevant to Iloilo City. The student presentations were:
  •  Improved Transport Terminal Utilization: The Case of Jordan Wharf, Guimaras, Philippines by Raymund Abad (BSMS CIV-TRE)
  • Mode Choice Analysis of Inter-Island Passenger Travel from Iloilo to Negros Occidental, Philippines by Krister Roquel (BSMS CIV-TRE)
  • Choice Analysis of Tourist Spots: The Case of Guimaras Province by Maria Katrina Ganzon (BSMS CIV-TRE)
  • Development of a Multi Hazard and Risk Assessment for Heritage Buildings: Case of Iloilo City by Kirk Yu (BSMS CIV-STE)
  • Computer-Aided Seismic Risk Assessment of School Buildings by Kenneth Brizuela (BSMS CIV-STE)
Researches of undergraduate and BSMS students of DLSU CE Dept. that can be also be conducted in collaboration with students and faculty of UP Visayas and CPU were determined during the informal meetings at UPV and CPU. The LGU, specifically CENRO seeks a collaborative partnenship between CENRO and the academe to create a Center that will address problems on clean air and climate change.

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