Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold Thesis 2011: Transportation Engineering (TRE)

Proposed Scheduling Scheme of Jeepney Operations in Malate Area


Henry Ace Kang, Kevin Bryan Mascarina & Maria Jullen Padua

Adviser: Dr. Alexis Fillone


Jeepneys in the Malate district, City of Manila, with trips to Makati, Paco, and Pasay were found to dispatch vehicles based from previous experience and perceived demand as bases.

The researchers hypothesize that due to the improper assessment of demand there is an oversupply of vehicles in all three routes. Furthermore, the inefficiency caused by this operation resulted to high fuel consumption and cost and oversupply of manpower. The main objective of the study is to propose a scheduling scheme that could improve the efficiency of the jeepney operation and service in the area of Malate, city of Manila. To accomplish this, the researchers evaluated the level of service (LOS), in terms of speed, headway and jeepney service cycle of operation; and its transport work efficiency in terms of seat-km offered and passenger-km utilized.

Based on the traffic conditions, the researchers identified the important variables to improve efficiency that would satisfy the demand at the maximum load section of each route while keeping in context the possibility of applying an occupancy load (level) that would be comfortable to the onboard passengers in most of the route length. Savings on man-hours of manpower (i.e. driver) and fuel cost were also estimated as a result of the efficiency in jeepney service operation.

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good day to you :) i'm a civil eng'g student at bulacan state university.. and i'm interested with your study.. i just want to tell you that i might base our thesis with this one.. thank you & GODBLESS!