Saturday, July 16, 2011

9th National CE Education Convention - Cebu City

Terante, Fillone, Oreta & Belino

CE Faculty members, Dr. Danilo Terante, Dr. Alexis Fillone and Dr. Andres Oreta attended the 9th National Civil Engineering Education Convention with the theme, "Moving Towards an Outcomes-Based Education" held on July 14-16, 2011 at the University of San Jose - Recolletos (USJ-R), Cebu City. The convention was organized by the Association of Civil Engineering Educators of the Philippines (ACEEP). On the first day, Dr. Fillone presented the PhD Program in Civil Engineeering which will start in 2012. He also discussed the ERDT scholarship and proposals related to the PhD program like a research-based and special (summer) programs. Dr. Oreta, on the otherhand presented a paper about the Laboratory Course in Theory of Structures at DLSU where TecQuipment Structures Modules are used in class.

The second day highlighted the lecture-workshop on Outcomes-Based Education with DLSU ME part-time faculty Dr. Manuel Belino (now Dean of ME, Mapua Tech) and Dr. Oreta as resource speakers. Dr. Belino presented about the ABET Model for OBE. Dr. Oreta, on the otherhand, presented OBE concepts for writing course learning outcomes and converting syllabi to OBE-format. Dr. Terante was a facilitator in the OBE workshops.

Dr. Terante is the current president of the ACEEP and he announced that the 10th CE Education Convention will be hosted by DLSU-Manila sometime in September 2012. Incidentally, the DLSU CE Dept. will be 25 years in 2012.

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