Saturday, August 1, 2009

Testimonial for New Lasallian Civil Engineers '09

The CE Department in cooperation with the COE Dean's Office and the DLSU Vice Chancellor for Academics held a testimonial for the new Lasallian civil engineers who passed the May 2009 Civil Engineering Board Examinations on July 31, 2009. Certificates of Recognition were given to the board exam passers and plaques of recognition were given to the top notchers :
No. 1 - Chua Man Wai
No. 2 - Alvin Varquez
No. 6 - Michael Paolo Bellosillo
DLSU's percent passing was 89.5% (34/38), while the national passing was 44%.

Dr. Bernardo Lejano, COE vice-dean and Engr. Ronaldo Gallardo, CE Department chair gave congratulatory messages to the alumni. Engr. Alvin Varquez, on the otherhand, delivered the response in behalf of the new civil engineers. Congratulations! Animo Lasalle!

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Anonymous said...

I , Winston Cu ( cel number 0917 5382122 ), am a chemical engineer graduate batch 1977 BSCHE DLSU . I read the La Salle Civil Engineering dept is part of PICE LNM . Please read, I am posted my comments on the pice LNM website from which I am airing my greavances ( summarized )toward some of your PICE LNM officers working for the City of Manila. They had been sitting on a simple problem of RROW for the last 6 years and 4 months.
As fellow La Sallite , I am asking for your help. This is done to FORCE them to do a proper job. Baka Makuha sa Hiya.