Friday, August 21, 2009

AlumNews: Connecting with an Alumnus - Ven Martelino

Professors are always excited whenever they hear from their former students. Through the internet (email, FB, Multiply or blogs), the alumni can easily contact their professors if they need advice or simply if they want to send their greetings. Whenever I receive greetings or messages from the alumni, I feel happy that my former students remember me and I can also be of service to them in their professional lives.

I received an email from one of my students and thesis advisee, now Engr. Ven Martelino who asked for advice about structural engineering (STE) firms in Cebu. I don't know any but I asked for advise from Engr. Giovanni Enecio, a former MSCE DLSU alumni. Engr. Enecio replied and suggested the STE companies in Cebu. Engr. Martelino or Ven was very resourceful to locate the company and he was immediately hired with good prospects for being assigned abroad. Recession affected the company and his future but Ven is still working - meeting the challenges of the real world. Good luck Ven. We believe you can overcome the odds and will fulfill your dream of becoming a structural engineer. Keep the faith. Animo Lasalle!

Posted below are our email messages:
12 June 2009: Greetings Sir. Oreta,
I am seeking for a good design firm here in Cebu where I can learn and practice as a stuctural engineer, would you happen to have recomendations on which companies I could go in to. Thank you.
Ven Martelino
12 June 2009: Dear Ven,
Not really sure. But we can ask Engr. Enecio, my former MSCE student at DLSU who is now at Dubai. See cc of his email address. Good luck. AWCO

16 June 2009: Hello Dr. Andy:
... I am still here in Abu Dhabi not in Dubai under Abu Dhabi Precast...Regarding your inquiry, since I left Cebu it was Primary Structures who can give good training for aspiring structural designers as well as other related fields in civil engineering due to its numerous projects done or currently undertaken in Cebu. For purely consultancy works, there is Hudson Engineering Consultancy who is doing structural design and drafting in Cebu, but its projects are in Texas, USA. Regards, Engr. Giovanni Enecio, MSCE

26 June 2009: Greetings Dr. Oreta,
I am happy to inform you that I am now employed under BW Hudson Engineers. I will under go training in structural under Engr. Randy Gopoaco which formerly worked under Engr. Giovani at Abu Dhabi. In a few months I will go to Davao for another training program in civil, and at the end of the year, I will be sent to US for training in construction management since all of the company's projects are in the US. Thank you to you and to Engr. Giovani for your help and advice. Ven Martelino

20 August 2009: Hello Ven,
I havn't heard from you since when you were hired by Hudson. Send me an update with your photo. I want to write about our alumni and post it in our CE Dept. blogsite. AWCO
20 August 2009: Greetings Dr. Oreta,
Regarding my experience in Hudson, sad to say it was short. They were very much affected by the recession. There has not been any major design projects from Texas since Febuary of this year. More than half of the staff have been layed-off and we who were left were placed on an on-call basis.

I have decided to look for another job. I am currently waiting for the approval from ASEC Development & Construction Corp. for a position in their construction of high rise projects here in Cebu.

Engr. Gopaoco, who is the overall head at Hudson and formerly under Engr. Giovanni at Abu Dabi, is now working in another company. He has offered his assistance in mentoring me in my pursuit of practicing structural design.

I will send you an update as soon as I get involved with ASEC.
Ven Martelino

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AWCO said...

I received this email from Ven last Sept 25, 2009:

Greetings Sir Oreta,
I am now with ASEC Development and Construction since the start of September. I've been asigned to the Grand Cenia project, a 25 storey condotel here in Cebu owned by Fil Invest... Ven Martelino