Sunday, October 28, 2018

Team DLSU CE went to London for PRISMH Meeting, YII Conference, and Coventry University Networking

PRISMH (Philippine Resilience of Schools to Multi Hazard) had its 3rd meeting at University College London (UCL) in London last October 16 to 19, 2018. Dr. Garciano, Dr. Oreta, and Engr. De Jesus, from De La Salle University (Manila) met up with research partners from UCL comprised of Dr. Dina D’Ayala, Dr. Carmine Galasso, Dr. Arash Nassirpour, Dr. Joanna Walker and Dr. Alexandra Tsioulou. They talked about the accomplishment of the PRISMH research project for the past year and a half and also discussed the yet-to-be accomplished tasks for the remaining 6 months for this 2-year research collaboration between UCL, DLSU (Manila) and Xavier University (CDO).

Progress meeting with PRISMH Team in UCL

As part of research activity and transmitting the outputs to stakeholders, a conference on Case Studies on World Safe School Practices was organized by PRISMH led by UCL team. Dr Garciano shared local practices and activities conducted in the Philippines to promote safe schools and make schools resilient to disasters. Other presentors were Laisa Daza from World Bank Group (USA), Prof Stefano Grimaz from UNESCO/University of Udine, and Dr. Ella Meiliandia from Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center in Indonesia.

Conference Forum at UCL

A masterclass on Safer, More Resilient Schools through Safe and Resilient Schools, was also held as part of sharing the outputs from PRISMH to various stakeholders. The masterclass offered lectures about the use of SCOSSO for rapid visual screening of school buildings, the development of fragility curves for selected schools in the Philippines, and the development of suitability index for schools as shelters during emergencies. PRISMH team members who presented in this masterclass were Dr. Arash Nassirpour, Dr. Carmine Galasso, Dr. Flavia De Luca, and Dr. Joanna Walker. DLSU PRISMH participants were tasked to lead several teams in conducting actual building inspection using the rapid visual screening using the SCOSSO app.

Masterclass on Safer, More Resilient Schools

Other than participating in PRISMH activities, DLSU team took the opportunity to attend the Year in Infrastructure Conference sponsored by Bentley Systems. The conference offered various lectures about the recent trend in construction and technology using the softwares, equipments, and tools developed by Bentley group. Exhibits and discussion of projects with application of these modern tools were also presented in the conference.

YII Conference by Bentley

 At Coventry University
DLSU also met with Dr. Trujillo from Coventry University to discuss possible research collaboration in bamboo related studies. Dr. Trujillo gave a tour of their campus and showed their facility related to structural and material testing which can be adopted here in DLSU. A meeting was also set with Disaster Risk Reduction team from Coventry headed by Dr. Nigel Trod to exchange knowledge about DRR practices.

On March 2019, PRISMH will hold its final workshop here in Manila and in Cagayan De Oro. Team from UCL, DLSU, and Xavier University will share their contribution to this collaboration. Outputs from this research collaboration will be presented to stakeholders and possible transfer of technology and knowledge.

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