Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DLSU CIV Department organized PRISMH Workshop to promote safe schools

The DLSU Civil Engineering Department organized the PRISMH Workshop on Multi-Hazard Resilience Assessment for School Infrastructure last Feb. 12-3, 2018 at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall (4th Floor). PRISMH which means “Philippine Resilience of Schools against Multi Hazard” is a project under the Newton Fund International Links Grant with the University of College London as the UK partner university.  The PRISMH project, for the case of the Philippines, is funded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).  The PRISMH team from DLSU was led by Assoc. Prof. Lessandro Garciano (lead investigator) and members – Prof. Andres Oreta and Engr. Richard De Jesus. The UCL team in this workshop was led by Dr. Carmine Galasso.

Prof. Oreta presented a lecture on “Making Schools Resilient to Disasters”, while Dr. Garciano delivered a lecture on “Earthquake, Wind and Flood Hazard Assessment in the Philippines.”

The UCL partners delivered lectures on the following topics: “Overview of Earthquake, Wind & Flood Vulnerability Assessment by UCL Professor, Dr. Galasso; “Understanding Structural Deficiencies and Shortcomings of Existing Buildings through Data Collection by UCL Lecturer A. Nassirpour.

The UCL researchers composed of A. Nassirpour, M. Bertolini, and A. Vecere also gave practical sessions and lectures on the ff topics:

-Seismic Analysis of Structures using Numerical Software;

-Fragility Assessment of Structures using Numerical Software

-Data Collection via SCOSSO App;

-Walk-through the Road of Seismic Performance Assessment (thru Static Pushover Analysis);

-Structural Response Analysis via SeimoStruct;

-Structural Performance Assessment via N2 Method;

- Non-Structural Vulnerability & Methodology for Casualty Estimation

About 60 participants which comprised of DRRM officers and civil engineers from DepEd all over the country, CE professors and researchers from various universities, structural engineers of ASEP, and graduate students from DLSU attended the workshop.

The lecturers and participants of the PRISMH Workshop

Dr. Garciano moderates the open forum

Dr. Galasso of UCL

Dr. Arash Nassirpour conducts practical sessions

GCOE Dean Jonathan Dungca and Dr. Garciano with UCL researchers

The PRISMH research project aims to develop an advanced resilience assessment framework for school infrastructure subjected to multiple natural hazards in the Philippines. In particular, the project addresses risk from seismic, wind and flood hazards. The project investigates the effectiveness of buildings’ retrofit measures and social preparedness measures as means of preventing casualties, reducing economic losses and maintaining functionality of the school infrastructure and its role within the community in the event of natural disasters. Experts from University College London (UCL) EPICentre, UCL IRDR, De La Salle University and Xavier University collaborate together in different aspects of this project. The PRISMH project is funded by the British Council and Philippines’s Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

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