Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ongpeng, Former CE Dept Chair, earns D.Eng from TIT (Japan)

In March 2017, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, assistant professor of the Civil Engineering Department in De La Salle University- Manila, was awarded with a Doctor of Engineering Degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. He was a fellow of JSPS RONPAKU from which the dissertation program was done from fiscal year 2014 to 2017. The title of his dissertation was “Nonlinear Ultrasonic and Acoustic Emission Investigation of Concrete Damage” with Professor Sohichi Hirose and Professor Andres Winston C. Oreta  as the Japanese and Philippine advisers respectively.

 JMCOngpeng with TITECH President Yoshinao Mishima

JMCOngpeng with Professor Sohichi Hirose

Listed below are the ISI journal publications related to his dissertation:

1.)    “Nonlinear Ultrasonic Investigation of Concrete with Varying Aggregate Size under Uniaxial Compression Loading and Unloading”, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Andres Winston C. Oreta, Sohichi Hirose, Kazuyuki Nakahata, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 29(2): February 2017, doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0001726
2.)    “Artificial Neural Network Model using Ultrasonic Test Results to Predict Compressive Stress in Concrete”, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Marcus Soberano, Andres Winston C. Oreta, Sohichi Hirose, Computers and Concrete, 19(1): 59-68, January 2017, doi: 10.12989/cac.2017.19.1.051
3.)    “Damage Progression in Concrete using Acoustic Emission Test through Convex Hull Visualization”, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Andres Winston C. Oreta, Sohichi Hirose, ACI Materials, 113 (6): 737-744, November 2016, doi: 10.14359/51689238
4.)    “Effect of Load Pattern in the Generation of Higher Harmonic Amplitude in Concrete Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Test”, Jason Maximino C. Ongpeng, Andres Winston C. Oreta, Sohichi Hirose, Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 14 (5): 205-214, May 2016, doi: 10.3151/jact.14.205

PhD Advisers: Prof. Oreta (DLSU) & Prof. Hirose (TIT)

About JSPS Ronpaku

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