Saturday, February 25, 2017

CE Faculty traces the KKK at Pinaglabanan, San Juan

A KKK skull welcomes the guest to the Museo ng Katipunan :-)
The CE Faculty, during their site visit at Pinaglabanan, San Juan last Feb. 24, 2017 visited the Museo ng Katipunan and was given a tour of the museum on the life and struggles of the Katipunan led by the supremo, Andres Bonifacio.

"The Museo ng Katipunan provides an educational approach to understand the Katipunan, its primary movers, and their actions.  Lined with innovative and conventional exhibits, the Museo ng Katipunan tells the story of the clandestine organization of the Filipino revolutionaries. Apart from Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto, and other renowned revolutionaries, the Museum honors the valiant efforts of the Katipuneros who fought for the independence of the Philippines through a Memorial Wall." -
Reproduced documents of the KKK
Symbols during the revolution

Diorama of a KKK ceremony

A KKK history lecture

Andres is anywhere!

Andres and Andres :-)

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