Sunday, November 8, 2015

CIV Academic & Career Advising 2015

The Civil Engineering Department conducted the trimestral Academic & Career Advising for freshmen and sophomores last October 23, 2015 at the 4th floor of the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. The activity is done to guide the students in their academics and aid them in improving their performance. This year, the advising also included career advising - specifically identifying the reasons for the students on why they enrolled in BSCE. This will will guide the advisers on identifying the gaps and reasons for the students' good or poor academic performance.

             Each student is assigned to an adviser to whom they can consult academic-related difficulties with. While the Sophomores can already produce their grades from past terms, the Freshmen can only show their current quiz scores. Through these, their respective advisers can knowingly give guidance to the students by recommending them for tutorials, consulting with the OCCS or familiarizing them with the subjects for the following term. Academic advising is not only limited to the freshmen and sophomores, all students taking up Civil Engineering are also invited to join. Moreover, this system aims to ensure that each student only receives the finest education from the Civil Engineering Department.

Written by Gab De Los Reyes

Edited by Patrisha Ayala

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