Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dr. Garciano lectures to CO/NCO of the PNP Engineering Service

The PNP Engineering Service (PNP ES) together with the PNP Training Service conducted two Police Engineering Management Course / Training at the Center for Law Enforcement Studies, Training Service, Camp Crame, Quezon City. The first one was held last April 27, 2015 while the second was held last September 11, 2015. In these two training courses Dr. Garciano was invited to give a lecture on Basic Investigation of Structures and Materials and Construction of Resilient Structures. Attending the lectures are Commissioned Officers (CO) and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO)  of the PNP Engineering Service.

A total of thirty six commissioned officers took part in the first training course while thirty five (35) non-commissioned officers attended the second training course. This regular training course aims to enhance the technical knowledge / skills and competency of police engineers assigned in various fields of engineering works. It also aims to keep them abreast of modern technologies, materials, methods, techniques and practices in the implementation of infrastructure development projects, sheltering programs, the conduct of survey and titling of PNP lots.

During one of the breaks, the PNP officers discussed with Dr. Garciano the possibility of offering the following courses to the PNP ES technical personnel:

  • a diploma / certificate course in disaster risk reduction, mitigation and investigation of structures.
  •  a MS Civil Engineering, course similar to DLSU offshore program at SLU-Baguio, that can be hosted at the PNP Training Center, Camp Crame.

 The main motivation of this diploma / certificate or MS CE course is to provide adequate technical know-how and capability of PNP ES technical personnel to undertake detailed (pre-earthquake and post–earthquake) site investigation / inspection of structures within their jurisdiction.

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