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2014 Utilization of Waste Materials Seminar/Workshop held

Speakers, Organizers & Participants of the 2014 Seminar-Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials
The 2014 Seminar-Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials with the theme, "Sharing Knowledge, Technology and Expertise on Waste Utilization for a Sustainable Environment" was held on Sept. 5, 2014 at the 4th floor, Henry Sy Bldg, DLSU, Manila. The seminar-workshop which is is now on its 2nd year was organized by the DLSU Civil Engineering Department in cooperation with Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) , Association of Tokyo Tech Alumni and Research Scholars (ATTARS) and the Department of International Development Engineering Alumni Association (IDEAL). DLSU ChE Dept. faculty members also supported this activity.

Engr. Ronaldo Gallardo (TokyoTech Office Manager) & CE Faculty - Dr. Lejano & Dr. Oreta with Prof. Otsuki (Keynote Speaker)

Engr. Jason Ongpeng (CE Dept. Chair) delivers his welcome message
The program started with the welcome remarks by Dr. Raymond Tan (DLSU VCRI) and mesages by Jason Ongpeng (DLSU CE Dept. Chair) and Prof. Hirofumi Hinode (TIT). Keynote papers were presented by Dr. Noboaki Otsuki (TIT) on "Mottainai: Seawater usage in the field of concrete" and Dr. Michael Angelo Promentilla (DLSU - ChE Dept) on "Geopolymer: Transforming waste as resource for sustainable construction material."

Keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Promentilla recieves a certificate of appreciation
After the plenary program in the morning, three technical sessions were conducted in the afternoon. Research papers of faculty and students of the CE Department were presented. The following are the list of papers presented by DLSU students and faculty (CE & ChE Dept.):

Session A – Plenary Room – Researches on Waste Utilization
A4: Preparation of Antimicrobial from Philippine Calamansi (Citrus mitis) Seeds, Outer Skin and Pulp – J. G. Cubias, P. A. Ramirez, A. C. Tagacay, C. Sin and Dr. Susan Gallardo (ChE Dept)

Session B – Sustainable Concrete Engineering
B1:  Utilization of Perna Viridis as Partial Substitute to Cement in Concrete Mix – R. E. Talagtag, E. Sarao III, K. D. Ngo and Dr. Bernardo Lejano
B2: Effects of Fire on the Compressive and Tensile Strength of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – D. Daulo, A. Samson, S. Sy, T. J. Villanueva and Dr. Bernardo Lejano
B4: A Study On The Compressive Strength Of Seawater Concrete Mix With Varying Bottom Ash And Fly Ash Replacement Ratios - Irene Olivia Ubay – M. De Belen, V. K. Imperial, K. Ochangco, J. R. Ruiz and Irene Olivai Ubay-Anongphouth
B5: Influence of Bottom Ash and Chloride Concentration of Mixing Water in Concrete  – K. J. Co, S. E. Dy, A. N. Mariano, C. Saez, Cheryl C. Roxas and Ronaldo S. Gallardo

Session C – Sustainable Construction Materials
C1: Strength Properties Of Demolished Concrete As Roadway Embankment-  C. M. Javier, M. Singh, A. B. Vergel De Dios and Irene Olivia Ubay–Anongphouth
C2: Horizontal Permeability of Silty Sand, Fly Ash and Bentonite – Joenel Galupino and Dr. Jonathan Dungca
C4: Evaluation of Leaching Property of Geopolymer – Based Materials from Red Mud, Rice Husk Ash, and Diatomaceous Earth - H. T. Nguyen, M. Promentilla, S. Gallardo, F. Bacani, H. Hinode, M. Doand K. Pham (ChE Dept)

The seminar-workshop was closed by the ATTARS President Dr. Melito Baccay with his closing remarks. A fellowship program was also held after the seminar-workshop in the evening.
"Us - See": CES students + CE Faculty + TIT Students & Faculty at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall Roof deck before the Fellowship Dinner(Photo by Joenel)
The over-all chair of the organizing committee of the seminar-workshop was Engr. Cheryl Lyne C. Roxas (CE Dept. Vice-Chair and CTM Division Head). The head of the committees were Engr. Ricahrd De Jesus (Logistics), Dr. Andres Oreta(Technical Committee), Dr. Maricel Paringit (Publications) and Engr. Joenel Galupino (Secretariat). The support of the staff of the TokyoTech Office - Philippines and students from the Civil Engineer Society (CES) is deeply appreciated.

- Photos from FB (Susan Gallardo)

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