Thursday, October 3, 2013

DLSU Faculty Research Recognition 2013 recognizes CE completed researches

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (OVCRI) and the University Research Coordinaation Office (URCO) will hold the annual Faculty Research Recognition Ceremonies on October 4, 2013 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall to recognize the faculty for completing internally and externally funded projects and URCO research projects, ISI-listed publications and most-cited works published in 2013.

 CE faculty members will be recognized during the ceremonies.
  • Dr. Lessandro Garciano, Dr. Renan Tanhueco and Engr. Alden Balili completed an AUN/SEED-Net and JICA research with Prof. Koike Takeshi (Kyoto University) on "Flood hazard assessment and disaster prevention planning of electric power systems in a selected city/town in the Philippines."
  • Dr. Andres Winston  Oreta and Engr. Cheryl Lynne Capiz Roxas completed their URCO project on "Outcomes-based assessment of Engineering Mechanics (STATICS) using direct and indirect methods."
  • Engr. Ronaldo Gallardo and Dr. Jonathan Dungca and their collaborators from ChE, ME and IE Departments completed an inter-disciplinary research on "Sustainability issue due to coal ash from coal-fired power plants in the Philippines Phase 2 - Sustainability solutions for an industry partner."
Interdisciplinary Research Team on Sustainability Solutions
(Martin Kalaw, Dr. Jonathan Dungca, Dr. Susan Gallardo and Engr. Ronaldo Gallardo)

  •  Dr. Andres Winston Oreta mentored an MSCE ERDT scholar, Rhea Regulacion on her thesis on "Application of response-surface methodology: Optimum mix design of concrete using slag as coarse aggregate."

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