Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DLSU CTM Majors published ENGTREPRENEUR magazine

Michael Cosiquien (Cover)

Construction Technology and Management (CTM) majors in CTMTREP (Entrepreneurship for Engineers) under the class of Engr. Jason Maximino Onpgeng published a magazine,  "ENGTREPRENEUR." The magazine which is the final output of the class aims to develop the communication, teamwork and people skills of the students. The class was divided into groups and where required to interview DLSU alumni (BS or MS) who have established their own construction or consultancy companies or business ventures and write a report or article which were then compiled and published as a magazine. The magazine highlights seven Lasallian alumni:

  • Edmar E. De Luna, VP Operations, EC De Luna Construction Corporation
  • Kenneth Ongson - Director & Managing Partner, RnW Pacific Pipes Corporation
  • Jerome Odsinada - Principal Structural Engineer, Struktura Pilipinas
  • Juanito Eje (MSCE Alumnus and Part-Time Faculty) - BFF Eatery and PERPspective
  • Justin Angeles - J.V. Angeles Constrution Corporation
  • Morgan Say - Owner, White Knight Hotel Intramuros
  • Michael Cosiquien - CEO, MEGAWIDE Construction Corporation
  • Edmar De Luna
    Juanito Eje
The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Joseph Melchor introduced the magazine in the Editor's Note as "This magazine, ENGtrepreneur showcases the different Lasallian Engineering Entrepreneurs on how they were able to create a business that will benefit not only them, but the whole country as well. Inside this magazine is a collection of articles created by the civil engineering students of De La Salle University, under the course of CTMENTR, known as Entrepreneurship for Engineers. It will serve as an inspiration to the future engineering students to be an entrepreneur as well. To end my note let me share to you a quote by Catherine Cook; “To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t,you’re going to regret it.”

Jerome Odsinada

Morgan Say

Kenneth Ongson
CTMTREP - Entrepreneurship for Engineers is a specialization course in the Construction Technology and Management (CTM). The course is designed to introduce the upper level undergraduate students to the concepts and practices of entrepreneurial thinking. Using a combination of lectures, case studies, student led discussions, team business plans, and investor presentation formats, the course teaches life skills in entrepreneurial thought and action that student can utilize in careers ranging from starting companies to intrapreneurship, Idea Generation and Feasibility Analysis, and Business Planning.

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