Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AlumNews: Earl De Guzman - grad student at University of Manitoba (Canada)

Earl De Guzman, a magna cum laude graduate in BSCE (Structural Engineering) in 2011 was accepted as a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, Canada with Prof. Marolo Alfaro as adviser. Prof. Alfaro was a visiting lecturer at DLSU in August 2010.

Earl narrates his reflections on his present quest:

"I recently arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba last August 8, 2012 to undertake my graduate studies in the University of Manitoba (U of M). Everything was happening so fast after my student visa application was approved last July 27, 2012. In almost a year’s time of applying to the University, I finally arrived safely in Canada and another step closer in becoming a full fledged Civil Engineer.

I am in the University of Manitoba under the tutelage of Dr. Marolo Alfaro, Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Alfaro is also a Filipino who once gave a lecture in DLSU-M under DOST’s Balik Scientist Program last August 2010. I never knew him back then and surprisingly he was looking for an interested student to study in the U of M and have a M.Sc. degree. After Dr. Dungca’s recommendation, I and Dr. Alfaro are continuously in dialogue to check out my application in the U of M. I have been accepted last February 2012 while I was still reviewing for the CE Board Exam. I took the Board Exam in May, oath taking as a professional in June, worked as a research assistant in July, and August is the time I flew to Canada, a month before the Fall Term in U of M will begin. In addition to my status as a graduate student, I will be a teaching assistant to a professor’s subject every term. I am currently a teaching assistant under Dr. Alfaro’s Geotechnical Materials and Analysis (soil and rock mechanics) for this Fall Term.

It has been a great adventure preparing for my graduate studies. Nevertheless, I look forward to challenges of being a graduate student both in the classroom and in the field, at the same time being away from family and friends.

I take this opportunity to thank my professors in DLSU-M for supporting and encouraging me to pursue my graduate studies; my friends who were always there to listen and whom I share the joys I have in life; to my family who never failed to support and continuously love me in all endeavours and choices that I made; and to a God whom without none of this will be possible.

Yours in St. La Salle, Engr. Earl Marvin B. De Guzman."

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iravilaga said...

Good luck Earl! So happy for you, super! God bless you! Miss you!:)