Monday, November 16, 2020

DLSU CE Faculty and Students at ASEP CASTED 2020 Virtual Conference


ASEP Officers and Conference Chairs

DLSU CE Faculty and students participated at the 2nd International Conference on Concrete And Steel Technology, Engineering and Design (CASTED2020)which banners the theme, “Casted in Concrete and Steel for Resiliency and Sustainability,” a virtual conference hosted by the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) and supported by the Philippine Group of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), held on October 22-24, 2020 via Zoom and Stream Yard platform.

Dr. Lessandro Garciano (Prof., ASEP Tresurer) served as over-all  CASTED2020 conference vice-chair. Dr. Rodolfo Mendoza, Jr. (Assoc Prof. Lecturer, ASEP Director) served as chair of the CASTED2020 Technical Committee with Dr. Andres Oreta (Prof, ASEP Fellow) as Vice Chair. Members of the various committees are Dr. Bernardo Lejano (Prof),  Engr. Adam Abinales (Prof. Lecturer) and Engr. Erick Sison (Prof. Lecturer). Garciano, Mendoza, Abinales,  Sison and Oreta also served a session chairs in the keynote sessions of the conference.

The papers presented by DLSU Faculty and students are as follows:

  • Comparative Study of Ferro-cement wall system, fibre reinforced wall system and tradional wall system (CHB) – Vincent Pilien (PhD Student)
  • Performance of FRP-confined concrete under elevated temperature – Dr. Rodolfo Mendoza, Jr with co-authors Emmanuel Emman Endaya (MSCE student) and Andres Winston Oreta
  • Experimental investigation of cracks in concrete with volcanic ash as an additive by ultrasonic pulse – Stephen John Clemente (PhD student)
  • Investigation of the effect of optimized RHA and crumb waste rubber tires to concrete’s microstructure and mechanical performance - Richard De Jesus (Asst. Prof.) with co-authors: Carmela Isberto and Janne Marielle Landicho (BSCE Students)
Garciano (Right)

Abinaes (Left)

Oreta (Right)


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