Thursday, January 3, 2019

DLSU CE at the Eighth International Conference on Geotechnique, Construction Materials and Environment (GEOMATE 2018) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GEOMATE International Society in coordination with Monash University, Malaysia, Mie University Research Center for Environmental Load Reduction, Useful Plant Spread Society, Glorious International, AOI Engineering, HOJUN, JCK, CosmoWinds and Beppu Construction, Japan organized the Eighth International Conference on Geotechnique, Construction Materials and Environment, from 20 to 22 November 2018 at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference aims to provide an opportunity to share researches on geo-engineering, construction materials, environmental issues, water resources, and earthquake and tsunami disasters.   

DLSU delegates at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Civil Engineering Department Faculty members Dr. Mary Ann Q. Adajar, Dr. Lessandro Estelito Garciano Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano and Dr. Erica Elice S. Uy, Academic Service Faculty Engr. Joenel G. Galupino, Graduate students Engr. Alvin Quizon and Engr. Stephen John C. Clemente and DLSU Alumni Dr. Gilford B. Estores, Engr. Rainier Lawrence A. Valdez and John Carlo R. Samarita went to the conference to present their respective researches. 

Papers presented are the following:
Compressed Earth Blocks with Powdered Green Mussel Shell as Partial Binder and Pig Hair as Fiber Reinforcement
Bernardo A. Lejano, Ram Julian Gabaldon, Patrick Jason Go, Carlos Gabriel Juan, and Michael Wong
Investigation of The Flexural Strength of Cold-Formed Steel C-Sections Using Computational and Experimental Method
Bernardo A. Lejano and Eyen James D. Ledesma
Volume Change Behavior of Sea Water Exposed Coal Ash Using Hyperbolic Model
Erica Elice S. Uy, Jonathan R. Dungca and Mary Ann Q. Adajar
Regression Modeling of Breakout Strength of An Expansion Anchor Bolt as Influenced By Concrete Aggregates
Gilford B. Estores, Wyndell A. Almenor and Charity Hope A. Gayatin
Investigating The Effect of Geotextile as Reinforcement on The Bearing Capacity of Granular Soil
John Carlo R. Samarita, and Mary Ann Q. Adajar
A Comparative Study on The Use of Woven Geotextile for Settlement Reduction of Spread Footing on Granular Soil
Mary Ann Adajar, Maricris Gudes and Lillibelle Tan
Reliability Assessment of Wooden Trusses of A Historical School
Alvin Quizon and Lessandro Estelito Garciano
Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Flexural and Compressive Strength of Concrete Reinforced with Polypropylene Fibers
Stephen John C. Clemente, Edward Caezar D.C. Alimorong and Nolan C. Concha
Investigating The Effectiveness Of Rice Husk Ash as Stabilizing Agent of Expansive Soil
Mary Ann Q. Adajar, Christian James P. Aquino and Joselito D. Dela Cruz II
Quezon City Soil Profile Reference
Joenel G. Galupino and Jonathan R. Dungca
Efficient Repair Scheduling Strategy of A Multiple-Source Lifeline Network Using Constrained Spanning Forest (CSF)
Lessandro Estelito Garciano, Agnes Garciano, Mark Tolentino and Abraham Matthew Carandang
Seismic Reliability Analysis of Lifeline: A Case Study on The Water Network System of BiƱan City, Laguna
Rainier Lawrence A. Valdez, Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano and Takeshi Koike

All papers submitted were published at the International Journal of Geomate (ISI/Scopus-Indexed).

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