Saturday, December 15, 2018

CE CPD on Infrastructure Resilience

 The Department of Civil Engineering in cooperation with the URCO RPW on Building Resilient Cities & Communities organized the CPD Lecture Series on "Challenges to Civil Engineers on Infrastructure Resilience" last Sept. 29, 2018 at the HSSH Seminar Room. The rationale for this CPD seminar is described as follows:
Civil engineers play an important role in infrastructure development. In a hazard-prone country like the Philippines, the resilience of critical infrastructures must be assessed and increased to assure their continuous operation. This seminar is an information session on the key indicators, research, challenges and issues on infrastructure resilience and will challenge civil engineers to respond and contribute in increasing infrastructure resilience in support of the UNISDR global campaign in “Making Cities Resilient to Disasters".

 The lectures and the speakers from the CE Dept are shown below:

Summary of Lectures
v  Making Cities & Infrastructures Resilient to Hazards and Introducing Infrastructure Resilience - Dr. Andres Winston C. Oreta
v  Safe Hospitals and Energy Lifelines - Dr. Lessandro O. Garciano
v  Promoting Safe Schools & Preserving Heritage Structures
 - Dr. Andres Winston C. Oreta
v  Protecting Ports, Harbors & Coastal Communities against Tsunami and Storm Surge - Dr. Mario P. De Leon
v  Seismic Resiliency of Water Distribution Systems - Engr. Richard De Jesus

Dr. Garciano

Dr. Oreta

Engr. De Jesus

Dr. De Leon
Dr, Redillas - CE CPD Coordinator
DLSU CE Department is an accredited PRC Provider for Civil Engineering (Accreditation No. 2017-17).  Most of the participants were DLSU CE Alumni. 

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