Saturday, October 28, 2017

DLSU MSCE Offshore Program research papers presented at SLU Research Forum

The presenters in the SLU 1st CE Research Forum - DLSU Faculty and DLSU MSCE Graduates 

The CHED-funded DLSU Civil Engineering MSCE Offshore Program with St. Louis University (SLU) College of Engineering culminated with a Research Forum organized by SLU last Oct 28, 2017.

Ten out of the 12 graduate students in the batch of the offshore program - all CE faculty members coming from various schools in the North - SLU, Univ. of the Cordilleras (UC), Pangasinan State Univ. (PSU), Univ. of Pangasinan (UPang), Mariano Marcos State Univ. (MMSU), Cagayan State University (CSU) and Tarlac State Univ. (TSU) -  completed the requirements and graduated MSCE  during the Graduation Ceremonies held last Oct. 14, 2017. Nine papers based on the thesis of the MSCE students were presented:

  1. Comparison of trip attraction between schools and malls in the city of Dagupan - John Zamora (UPang) and Dr. Alexis Fillone (DLSU Adviser)
  2. Development of a seismic evacuation safety index for public schools - Jan mae Carino (SLU) and Dr. Lessandro Garciano (DLSU Adviser)
  3. Public utility jeepney demand and supply analysis: The case of Baguio City, Philippines - Lovely Ranosa (SLU) and  Dr. Alexis Fillone (DLSU Adviser)
  4. Flood  risk-based analysis and its impact to the strawberry fields of La Trinidad, Benguet - Dexter Hansel Apnoyan (UC) and Dr. Renan Tanhueco (DLSU Adviser)
  5. Post-disaster functional asset vlaue of school buildings - Rizalyn Ullumin (PSU) and Dr. Andres Oreta (DLSU Adviser)
  6. Tourist spot choice analysis in Sagada, Mountain Province and Banaue, Ifugao - Jan Nicholas Baldo (UC) and Dr. Alexis Fillone (DLSU Adviser)
  7. Post-earthquake recovery strategy of a water distribution network: Case of La Trinidad, Benguet - Janice Kaye Aquino (SLU) and Dr. Lessandro Garciano (DLSU Adviser)
  8. Slope stability assessment of Carabao Mountain in Baguio City - Eleazar Santaigo (SLU) and Dr. Mary Ann Adajar (DLSU Adviser)
  9. Optimization of mix proportion of compressed earth blocks with rice straw using ANN - Emerson Gapuz (SLU) and Dr. Jason Maximino Ongpeng (DLSU Adviser)
Dr. Lessandro Garciano (CE Dept. chair), Dr. Alexis Fillone (TRE Division head) and Dr. Andres Oreta (STE Professor) attended the forum. Dr. Garciano delivered the welcome remarks and presented the research themes of undergrad and graduate themes at DLSU. Dr. Fillone promoted the CE Graduate Programs at DLSU, while Dr. Oreta presented the paper (#5) in behalf of Engr. Illumin who is  now in Tokyo, Japan pursuing a Master's in Disaster Management. 

The DLSU faculty held a meeting with SLU Dean Posadas and SLU faculty to explore the possibility of an Off-site program for PhD students.  Moreover, SLU consulted the DLSU faculty on how DLSU can support SLU's  new CHED-funded M.S. program in DRRM to be offered in 2018 with Conventry Univ of UK. 

Dr. Lessandro Garciano and Engr. Janice Kaye Aquino (SLU)

Dr. Alexis Fillone
Engr. Dexter Apnoyan (UC)

Engr. Lovely Ranosa (SLU)

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