Saturday, March 18, 2017

Oreta at Tokyo Insititute of Technology Workshop on Structural Eng'g & Mechanics

Participants of the workshop include Professors from Vietnam, TIT Professors and Researchers of the Hirose Laboratory

Prof. Andres Oreta was invited to be one of the resource speakers in the International Workshop on Structural Engineering and Mechanics at Tokyo Institute of Technology held on March 17, 2017. The host professor in this event was Prof. Sohichi Hirose. 

  Dr. Oreta presented a lecture on "Structural Engineering and Heritage Preservation." The lecture, consisting of three majors sections as summarized below:

  1. Principles and Definitions on Heritage Preservation: This section answers the basic question, “Why do we need to preserve our heritage structures?” and define special terms and principles related to heritage conservation such as Preservation, Restoration, Reconstruction, Reuse and Remodeling.
  2.     Impact of Natural Hazards to Heritage Structures: This section presents as an example the impact of the Bohol Earthquake in 2013 to heritage churches and RC Buildings. Observed damages of the structures were presented.
  3.  Role of Structural Engineering in Heritage Preservation: This section presents a framework where Structural Engineering is the link between Heritage Preservation and Disaster Risk Reduction. Research on risk assessment and structural assessment of heritage structures conducted by the author and his students were presented. 
    Dinner after the workshop
    With Dr. Jonathan Dungca who is also at TIT for a workshop on Geotechnical Eng'g (Read separate blog)

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