Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tokyo City University Student Exchange Program and Buddy Program in De La Salle University

Students from Tokyo City University (TCU) went to De La Salle University last September 1, 2016 for a 3-week student exchange program. The program was created for the students to be immersed with Filipino culture and at the same time study English through the Center for Language and Lifelong Learning (CeLL). 

Tokyo City University (TCU) students at De La Salle University (DLSU)

             Tokyo City University (TCU) students at De La Salle University (DLSU) Library

The Buddy Program was created in coordination with the Civil Engineering Department and Civil Engineering Society to assist the TCU students in learning Filipino culture. There were 13 students from TCU and 7 students from De La Salle University. During weekdays, TCU students would attend their English class in the morning and in the afternoon they would proceed to the Buddy Program. During Saturdays, the TCU students would go on to an educational field trip wherein they could explore the city of Manila and discover for themselves the beauty of our culture and heritage. The TCU Buddy Program is where the TCU students can apply their lessons in their English class with the DLSU buddies. The buddy system did not only help the TCU students learn English but it also became an avenue for them to make friends with the DLSU buddies. The DLSU buddies consist of 7 students namely Redg Natividad, Steven Cruz, Daniel Ang, Remo Anca, Daniel Chua Ching, Lucille Piojo and Engr. Erica Uy. Some of the notable moments happened wherein the DLSU buddies and the TCU students went to Intramuros and SM Mall of Asia. The TCU students together with their DLSU buddies rode using public transportation.  The TCU students used their English communication skills in order to experience how it is like to commute here in the Philippines. Another memorable experience is wherein the TCU students and the DLSU Buddies went to the historical Intramuros. The TCU students were amazed by the historical churches and structures in Intramuros. The most exciting experience is when TCU students together with the DLSU buddies ate different Filipino delicacies and street food. Surprisingly, the TCU Students liked some of the Filipino street food such as turon, isaw and barbeque. 

Farewell gathering with the TCU professor, TCU students, DLSU staff, DLSU buddies and CeLL Instructors

The exchange student program from Tokyo City University has been such an amazing experience. The DLSU buddies showed the Filipino hospitality that is truly world class. There has been an exchange of culture between the students. TCU students tell stories of the Japanese culture while the DLSU buddies show and let the Japanese experience the Filipino culture. The experience has been truly unique and one of kind. The TCU students did not just learn English but gained the gift of friendship. The friendship that was built instantly but will never fade as the years will go by. 

Tokyo City University (TCU) students at De La Salle University (DLSU) buddies

Written by Reginald Francis Natividad

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