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DLSU-Chula Student Exchange Visit 2016

Seventeen (17) DLSU civil engineering students took part in the 10-day Chulalongkorn University Student Exchange Program 2016 from August 31 to September 9 accompanied by DLSU civil engineering professors, Dr. Mario De Leon and Engr. Marcus Kyle Baron. The purpose of the program was to strengthen the bond between De La Salle University and Chulalongkorn University (CU) by giving the exchange students a chance to experience the life in each other’s campus and culture. 
 DLSU Students with Dr. Mario De Leon and Engr. Marcus Kyle Baron at
NAIA International Airport Terminal 1

The students visited the CU Civil Engineering Building to meet with some of its faculty and students. An orientation regarding ASEAN Scholarships was held to expose the students to their opportunity in pursuing higher studies. 

DLSU Students in the orientation about the AUN/SEED-NET

Afterwards, a research forum was conducted wherein selected DLSU exchange students as well as CU students presented their thesis. In this event, the students were given a chance to communicate with the CU students intellectually by asking questions to the presenters. 

DLSU exchange student, Marvin Aguilar, presenting his group’s thesis entitled “The Effect of Lane Changing Behavior on the Approach Ramp of a Road Overpass”

The students were then toured around the civil engineering laboratory facilities who were guided by some of the CU professors. Their laboratory facilities were fully equipped and have a conducive learning environment. Also, the students had the chance to see an experiment going on in their laboratory for testing materials. The CU civil engineering professors who accommodated the tour in their laboratory facilities were very kind and encouraged the students to ask questions. The CU students then continued the tour by guiding the group around the campus and by sharing some historical and cultural facts along the way which involved the visit to their museum and to the statue of King Chulalongkorn and King Vajiravudh. Before parting ways, the group showed their gratitude to the CU professors and students by giving them tokens.

DLSU Students with Dr. Mario De Leon, Engr. Marcus Kyle Baron, and CU Civil Engineering Associate Professor Dr. Akhrawat Lenwari in front of the CU Civil Engineering Building

DLSU Students with Dr. Mario De Leon, Engr. Marcus Kyle Baron, Engr. Jem Jayme, Ms. Joy Jongruamklang, and CU Students in front of the statue of King Chulalongkorn and King Vajiravudh in Chulalongkorn University

Two days were allocated for visits to cultural sites of Thailand in which the trip to these sites requires long rides by bus. One of the cultural sites that the students visited was the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market where they had a boat ride paddled by a Thai person or operated by a motor. The boat ride travelled a small canal with stalls at the sides selling different goods and merchandise for tourists. The students were also able to ride an old train that travels the Burma Railway (Death Railway) which was constructed by the Japanese during the World War II. On the second cultural visit day, the students went to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace which were used by Thai kings before, Wat Yai Chai Mongkon which is a Buddhist temple in Ayutthaya with a big lying Buddha, and Ayutthaya Historical Park where the old city of Ayutthaya was located which is now full of its ruins. Despite the long travel time, the visits were worth it as the students were able to have a glimpse of Thai history and culture. Afterwards, the students had their lunch in a cruise ship which traveled the Chao Phraya River, the major river in Thailand, for around 2 hours. As the cruise traveled the river, the students saw some of their remarkable bridges wherein their culture can even be seen in their design.

DLSU Students roaming around the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

The students also had the chance to visit the ongoing construction of G Tower, a G-shaped building that will stand next to The Super Tower, the tallest ASEAN skyscraper that the G Land developer plans to build. Afterwards, the students went to visit the ongoing construction of Bang Sue – Rangsit Railway which is part of the planned Mass Transit System Project that will be beneficial and strategic for Bangkok’s transportation system.

DLSU Students with Dr. Mario De Leon, Engr. Marcus Kyle Baron, and CU graduate students with Dr.Vachara Peansupap and Project Engineers in the construction site visit in Bang Sue - Rangsit Railway

The remaining days were used as free days for the students to roam around Bangkok and experience its modern lifestyle. They were lucky to have a chance to shop for pasalubongs in Chatuchak, a big market full of different kinds of merchandise which is open only during weekends. They also went to Siam Square where shopping malls are located and to night markets to eat different Thai foods.

The exchange program gave the students the chance to experience Thai culture and to meet some of the professors and students of Chulalongkorn University which is helpful in strengthening the bond between the two universities.

Prepared by:
DLSU Student Exchange Visit 2016 Participants

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