Friday, March 4, 2016

GCOE QA organized SoTL Seminar/Workshop

The GCOE SoTL Scholars and Resource Speakers

The GCOE QA Office and DLSU QA Office hosted a seminar/workshop on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) for GCOE faculty on March 4, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the HSSH 4Flr Conference Room. This seminar/workshop addresses DLSU KRA 1 which is “Education that is excellence-driven and learner-centered” with the goal that “Teachers are enabled to perform more effectively as Lasallian educators. This goal is assessed based on an “incremental increase in the number of faculty members engaged in SoTL research projects.” Hence this activity was conducted to increase the awareness of selected GCOE faculty about SoTL and engage them to publish papers on engineering education and SoTL in conferences and journals. This activity enhances the GCOE OBQA program and serves as an impetus to revive the Master of Engineering Education program at GCOE and offer a PhD on Engineering Education in the future.
Dr. Sison served as SoTL resource speaker and workshop adviser
Certificate of Appreciation from the GCOE Dean was presented by Dr. Oreta to Dr. Sison
The seminar started with a brief presentation by Dr. Andres Oreta, GCOE QA Director about his paper related to the "Evolution of an Engineering Educator." He also presented conferences on engineering education and journals where the faculty can submit scholarly papers on SoTL. The resource person on SoTL was Dr. Raymund Sison, CCS Professor and University Fellow who introduced the SoTL framework which he proposes for DLSU and SoTL concepts. Dr. Derlie Mateo-Babiano, CE Dept. visiting professor from the University of Queensland, Australia announced Graduate Certificate and PhD opportunities in Australia.  Eight faculty members from GCOE actively participated in the seminar/workshop. The GCOE participants were:

  • 1. Michelle Almendrala - ChE
  • 2. Efren Dela Cruz - ME
  • 3. Ann Dulay - ECE
  • 4. Samuel Hernando - CE
  • 5.  Marlon Musngi - MEM
  • 6. Maria Cecilia Paringit - CE
  • 7. Jazmin Tangsoc - IE
  • 8.  Oscar Unas – MEM
After the seminar, a workshop was conducted wherein each participant shared his/her idea of a possible SoTL project or paper. Dr. Sison gave comments on how to improve their proposals. Interesting proposals were presented such as Innovative teaching of  Engineering Ethics and Laws by Dulay and Dela Cruz, use of virtual reality in ChE by Almendrala, Simulating a CNC machine by Musngi, Pair-wise or cooperative problem solving in Surveying by Paringit and Real-world problems in Structural Analysis by Hernando. The participants which are named as GCOE SoTL Scholars will  champion SoTL in the college and their respective departments. 

Dr. Maricel Paringit, SoTL Scholar from CE Dept.

Engr. Sammy Hernando, SoTL Scholar from CE Dept.
A simple SoTL souvenir was given to each participant

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