Monday, August 24, 2015

Dr. Fillone: Thoughts on the MIT Short Course

At Massachusets Institute of Technology
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Short Course Program last July 27-31, 2015 on Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks under Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva was indeed a very intellectually satisfying experience as it provided me with theoretical and practical know how that can be used in our current transport research.
With Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva
 Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva is a well-known researcher and book author in discrete choice modelling, especially in transportation analysis and planning applications. Equally capable guest lecturers were Prof. Ennio Cascetta (University of Naples, Italy), Prof. Haris Koutsopoulos (Northeastern University, Boston), Prof. Hani Mahmassani (Northwestern University, Chicago) and Assoc. Prof. Pierluigi Coppola (University of Rome, Italy).
The topics included (a) modeling and simulation approaches in transportation, (b) macroscopic, mesoscopic, and microscopic traffic simulation, (c) static and dynamic network supply models, (d) discrete choice analysis, (e) activity based models, (f) integrated land use and transportation models, (g) pricing and travel time reliability, (h) public transportation, (i) economic activity models, (j) logistics choices, and (k) calibration and validation.

I intend to share the valuable learnings I gained from this short course program with my students, both in the ungraduated and graduate levels, and also provide further theoretical support to our ongoing research in transportation here at DLSU. 

Giving of Certificate of Completion with Profs. Cascetta and Ben-Akiva

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