Sunday, November 30, 2014

CE Researches presented at 7th AEEC - Palawan

DLSU Delegates at 7AEEC. L-R: Lejano, Oreta, Sarao, Ngo & Tanhueco

DLSU CE Faculty, Dr. Bernardo Lejano, Dr. Andres Oreta and Dr. Renan Tanhueco and undergraduate students, Ernesto Sarao III and Kriss Ngo attended the 7th ASEAN Environmental Engineering Conference held on Nov. 21-22, 2014 at the Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The 7AEEC which is organized by the AUN/SEED-Net and JICA has the theme, "The role of environmental engineering in community preparedness, immediate response and environmental sustainability." The conference was hosted by the University of the Philippines Diliman and supported by ERDT.

Two papers were presented by the CE Faculty and students. BSCE student Ernesto Sarao III presented their paper on "Utilization of Perna Viridis as Partial Substitute to Cement in Concrete Mix" by R. Talagtag, E. Sarao III, K. Ngo and B. Lejano. The study shows that crushed tahong shells are viable partial replacement for the combination of 0.4  water cement ratio and 10% replacement which enhances the concrete strength by 48%.
Ngo, Sarao and Lejano at the 7AEEC Technical Session on Green & Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
 Dr. Andres Oreta presented the paper on "Framework for Civil Engineering Research: Addressing Safety & Sustainability Through Disaster Risk Reduction" by A.W.C. Oreta, R. T. Tanhueco and L. E. O. Garciano. The framework is described below. Oreta also highlighted the completed researches of students and faculty that are aligned with the DRR framework.

The framework emphasizes the need to focus researches on how to reduce or avoid hazards and reduce vulnerabilities. which will lead to reduction of disaster risks. Reduced disaster risks leads to safer structures and improved safety to the people. Reduced disaster risks also leads to sustainability since there will be less damage to infrastructures and less wastage of resources and less impact to the people which translates to better living conditions. When we protect our people, assets and infrastructures, we increase the people’s resilience and health, preserve our resources and maintain the balance between built and natural environment.
Dr. Oreta presents a paper at the 7AEEC Technical Session on DRRM & Climate Change

R-L:  Dr. Tanhueco & Dr. Oreta with UPD Chancellor Michael Tan, UPD VCA, Dr. Benito Pacheco and DREAM leader,  Dr. Erci Paringit at Hotel Centro, Palawan

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